Photography: Boyd Jaynes

Maybe we are dating ourselves a bit, but we remember back when King Of The Hammers was nothing more than a couple dozen rock crawlers bouncing their way across the desert and over a bunch of rocks. What started out mostly as a group of friends in a loosely organized race has undergone a radical transformation. Now, King Of The Hammers is filled to capacity with way over a 100 racecars trying to take on the jagged rocks and rough desert terrain of Johnson Valley, California. Also multiplying at a seemingly unstoppable rate is the amount of spectators. The dry lakebed now is filled with campers, RVs and trailers as Hammertown gets bigger every year. Even the race itself has morphed into something bigger. Instead of a single day, the racing now takes place over a full week and attracts everything from UTVs to Trophy Trucks.

Like everything else at King Of The Hammers, the vehicles of Ultra4 have also evolved. No longer are they converted rock crawlers, but full-tilt racecars capable of gobbling up gnarly desert sections and crawling over massive rocks. They are truly unique hybrids that blend technology from both Trophy Trucks and dedicated rock rigs to create vehicles that are capable of conquering one of the toughest races on the planets.

While almost everything about King Of The Hammers has changed, one thing has not. It has always been an amazing event to watch and take part in. Seeing the drama and gnarly action of KOH is definitely something worth experiencing. However, if you couldn’t make it out to the lakebed this year don’t worry. We were out there and came back with some amazing images. Without further babbling we bring you our favorite photos from the 2019 King Of The Hammers.