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01 Dan McMillin 2020 Baja 500 Trophy Truck Winner

McMillin Racing Take You Inside The Baja 1000

Presented by 4WP Pre-Run The 54th Running of the SCORE International Baja 1000 is here!

Photography: Courtesy of Caleb Norman and McMillin Racing

There’s no denying that the big blue M has been dominating the Trophy Truck class for the past few years and it’s not surprising as the McMillin family has been a cornerstone of off-road racing for decades and Dan and Luke McMillin are likely to continue that legacy that their grandfather Corky started. 

The 400 Mile Qualifier for the Baja 1000!!!!

You’d be hard pressed to find more consistent and hardworking racers in the Top 5 than Dan and Luke and with the #23 and #1 (#11 this race) McMillin Racing 4WP Mason Motorsports AWD Trophy Trucks getting faster each time out, the brothers are always in contention for the win mixing it up among the race leaders.

Testing with Rob Mac the GOAT!!!! Luke McMillin & Rob Mac prepare for the Baja 1000!

This year, the 54th running of the BFGoodrich Tires SCORE International Baja 1000 Presented by 4 Wheel Parts is 1,227 miles long with only 200 miles of highway which means that it’s going to be a long day and night of hard-charging racing in virtually every terrain that Baja has to offer. We expect the lead trucks to hit La Paz on the southern side of the Peninsula around 7AM on Friday morning.

Dan & Luke McMillin Pre-Run the 2021 Baja 1000 in Baja Sur

In case you’re wondering, there’s a 50-hour time limit for this race with a minimum average speed of 24.53 mph to finish within the 50-hour window. The last Baja 1000 was a brutal loop race that saw a chewed-up course along with treacherous conditions that resulted in an average speed of 46.85 MPH for the winning Trophy Truck which was Luke’s #83 TT. Mind you there are sections in Baja that Trophy Trucks can blaze through at 130 mph as well as rough areas that are more technical where speeds can drop to a crawl. That should give you a good sense of how much torture these machines are subjected to from the time the green flag drops until the checkered flag waves at the end.

02 Luke McMillin 2020 Baja 500 Trophy Truck
03 Dan McMillin 2021 Baja 500 Trophy Truck

Of course, a race this long demands a lot more from drivers and codrivers as sleep deprivation becomes a huge factor working against you. Naturally there’s a number of top racers that decided to partner up this year to stay competitive throughout the high-speed marathon across the peninsula, but the talk of the town is definitely about Luke McMillin teaming up with Rob MacCachren to take on all 1,227 miles of this race.

04 Luke McMillin 2021 Baja 400 Trophy Truck

Rob MacCachren is a living legend in the sport and is always a force to be reckoned with dating back to his days in the early 90’s as a member of the Ford Rough Riders racing team. If you’re a fan of desert racing, you know that everyone has been waiting for Rob to hop behind the wheel of a Mason Motorsports AWD Trophy Truck since these trucks first began showing up the last few years. There is little doubt that if you’re racing in the Trophy Truck class, you better be ready to eat some dust courtesy of Luke and Rob, AKA the Dream Team.

05 Dan McMillin 2021 Baja 400 Trophy Truck

Luckily for us racing fans, Luke and Rob are taking that to the next level but if you’re wondering why Luke’s truck isn’t flying the #1 Championship plate number after dominating the last year in the Trophy Truck world, here’s why you won’t see a #1 TT flying through Baja.

Luke felt that Rob MacCachren had more than earned the right to be the Driver of Record and get to run his legendary #11 number plate. Luke is a huge fan of off-road racing and has a great amount of respect and gratitude for the racers that paved the way before him and everyone that came after. Classy move for sure and a tip of the hat to Luke and the McMillin Racing crew for making that happen.

06 Luke McMillin 2021 Baja 400 Trophy Truck

The Baja 1000 kicks off Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 9AM Pacific for the Four Wheeled Vehicles and 2AM Pacific for the bikes. Opening ceremonies start at 8:45AM and you can follow all the action over on Facebook with our friend Fishgistics with a full download every hour on the hour with the latest updates from Baja. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @fishgistics for the latest breaking news from remote locations in Baja.

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07 Luke McMillin 2021 Baja 400 Trophy Truck
08 Luke McMillin 2021 Baja 400 Trophy Truck Silt Bed
09 Luke McMillin 2021 Baja 400 Trophy Truck Helicopter