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01 Jeep Wrangler LED Lightbar Pro Comp Lights Night Dark lead

LED Off-Road Light Buyers’ Guide

Add LEDs to any 4x4

Photos: Courtesy of the manufacturers

Tis the season for aftermarket on- and off-road LED lighting! The shorter winter days make for darker commutes that can be easily lit up with the right LED lights. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from, and even specialty LED lights that can make navigation around camp, the work site or on the trail more manageable. We’ve compiled some of the latest LED light offerings to help you find the lighting you need. Don’t forget to check the story links below to help you decide the best location for your lights and which LED light design is best for your application.

02 Pro Comp 2x2 Square S4 GEN3 LED Off Road Light

Pro Comp 2×2 Square S4 GEN3 LED

If you’re looking for LED lights for your bumper, cowl, roof rack or anywhere else, the Pro Comp 2×2 Square S4 GEN3 LED lights are a bright and compact option that can be mounted almost anywhere. A universal mounting foot makes installation on most light tabs a breeze. Lights are available in both flood and spot beam patterns and produce 1,830 raw lumens per light. An IP67 rated housing helps keep the LEDs burning bright for 50,000 plus hours. The pair of lights come with everything you need for installation including the wiring harness, switch, relay, mounting brackets and mounting hardware. Blue, red, yellow and black color Inserts are also included so you can customize your LEDs to match your vehicle.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/s/_/?Ntt=Pro+Comp+2×2+Square+S4+GEN3+LED&_requestid=37363

03 ARB Intensity Solis LED Driving Light Kit

ARB Intensity Solis LED Light Kit

With more real estate you can fit larger LED lights like the ARB Intensity Solis. They are available in complete two light kits with two flood beams, two spot beams or a combo kit with one spot beam and one flood beam. The massive 9-inch lights are made up of a combination of 36 Osram LEDs, which include six 10-watt and 30 4-watt LEDs with varying narrow and wider beam angles to optimize lighting performance. A five-stage dimming function, controlled via an included digital touchpad, is useful when approaching highly reflective road signs or in low visibility scenarios such as dust or fog. The high-pressure die-cast aluminum mount brings the light lower on its fastening position to increase strength and limit light bounce on rough roads.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/arb-intensity-solis-driving-light-kit-flood-flood-sjb36fkit/_/R-BHWQ-SJB36FKIT

04 Pro Comp Bluetooth LED Rock Lights

Pro Comp Rock Lights

Looking to add functional off-road rock lights to your rig? Want to simply decorate your 4×4 like a Christmas tree? The six-pack of Pro Comp Rock Lights can fit your needs. A Bluetooth controller app works with your smartphone to allow for many different color options, super bright light or a strobe effect. You can even sync the Pro Comp Rock Lights with music. Each light features a cast aluminum housing, three 3-watt Cree RGB LEDs and an IP68 dust and waterproof certification. They are submersible up to 10 feet, can operate in -40 to 145 degrees and come complete with all necessary mounting hardware and wiring instructions.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/pro-comp-rgb-6-led-9w-rock-light-kit-76501rgb/_/R-DFCW-76501RGB

05 KC HiLites Slimlite LED Light Kit

KC HiLites Slimlite 6-inch LED Light Kit

Sometimes you don’t have the space to fit the bigger lights you want or need. That’s where LED lights really shine, especially the KC HiLites Slimlite 6-inch LED Light. The Slimlites feature an extra thin body to make sure there is plenty of room between the light and grille or any other part of your 4×4. Each light is powered by ten Cree LEDs protected in a black UV treated aluminum housing with a unique fin design for maximum cooling and aerodynamic efficiency. The KC HiLites Slimlite 6-inch LED Light kit includes two 50-Watt Slimlite LED lights with spot beams, two KC protective stone guards, a performance wiring harness with a fuse, relay and an illuminated switch as well as easy installation instructions.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/kc-hilites-slimlite-6-led-lights-100/_/R-BFHB-100

06 Rugged Ridge Square LED Light

Rugged Ridge 3-Inch Square LED Light

The individual Rugged Ridge 3-Inch Square LED lights can be mounted nearly anywhere you need to direct more nighttime lighting. They are perfect for vehicles that come prewired from the factory with switches, fuses and relays. Simply tap wires into the fuse box and run them to your Rugged Ridge LED light. Each Rugged Ridge 3-Inch Square LED Light is waterproof and features a 16-watt driving beam that punches out 840 lumens of light. The four Cree LEDs have a 30,000-hour life expectancy.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/rugged-ridge-3-inch-led-square-light-15209-03/_/R-BKMS-15209.03

07 Baja Designs LP9 LED Light

Baja Designs LP9

With so many different light patterns available, it’s hard to choose, much less fit all the lights with different beam patterns on the front of your 4×4. The Baja Designs LP9 solves the beam selection dilemma on vehicles with limited light mounting real estate. The LP9 utilizes nine forward projecting LEDs, plus six Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) LEDs. The IPT provides a 200-degree spread of usable light in front and to the sides of your 4×4 for better vision at night. Several different Pro and Sport variations of the LP9 are available.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/baja-designs-lp9-series-led-lights/prod1880007

08 Pro Comp Motorsports Series Single Row LED Combo Spot Flood Light Bar

Pro Comp Motorsports Series 6-Inch Single Row LED Combo Spot/Flood Light Bar

LED light bars do a great job of packing a lot of lighting into a compact low profile design. The Pro Comp Motorsports Series 6-inch single row LED light bar takes it one step further. The short length allows the light bar to be hidden under or in a bumper or even behind a grille. It’s an all-in-one LED light that provides both spot and flood lighting, which lets you see out into the distance as well as up close and personal. It features a one-piece cast aluminum housing and heatsink, six 5 Watt Osram LEDs, a 100 percent optically clear Lexan lens and an IP68 water and dust resistance certification.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/pro-comp-motorsports-series-6-single-row-led-combo-spot-flood-light-bar-75106/_/R-DFCW-75106

09 Rough Country GMC GM Chevy Curved LED Light Bar Grille Kit

Rough Country 30-Inch Curved LED Grille Kit

If you love the sleek modern look and factory body lines of your ’14-’18 GM 1/2-ton truck and don’t want to mess it up with slapped-on lights, but you still want off-road lighting, Rough Country has you covered. The Rough Country 30-inch single-row curved LED lightbar can be hidden discreetly behind the grille, allowing for both ample lighting and airflow. The Rough Country LED light bar features a durable die-cast aluminum, IP67 waterproof housing and each kit comes with a premium flat-wound, braided, IP68 waterproof wiring harness with a toggle switch and in-line fuse. Grill light kits are also available for other truck brands and models.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/rough-country-30-curved-led-grille-kit-70625/_/R-DHTP-70625

10 PIAA LP560 LED Driving Light Kit

PIAA LP560 6-Inch LED Driving Light Kit

Are you rough on light lenses because of gravel roads and brush? Consider the PIAA LP560 6-Inch LED driving light kit. Along with an SAE compliant driving beam, the lights feature durable aluminum housings, polycarbonate lenses and mesh grill covers for extra protection. Another advantage is the lower power consumption than traditional forward facing LED lights, while still having the ability to illuminate the road and the trail with a bright 6000 degree Kelvin white light that replicates daylight. Each kit includes two lamps and a complete wiring harness.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/piaa-lp560-6-inch-led-driving-light-kit-sae-compliant-5672/_/R-BCGP-05672

11 Baja Designs LP6 Pro LED Light

Baja Designs LP6 Pro LED Light

Don’t worry if you absolutely love all of the modern lighting advantages of the massive Baja Designs LP9, but simply can’t fit that large of a light anywhere on your 4×4. Baja Designs now offers a smaller version. The LP6 Pro LED light comes with all of the same nighttime visibility features of the LP9, but in a 6-inch package so it fits on roof racks, cowl brackets and bumpers more easily. The LP6 Pro can be had in driving/combo or pure spot beams in white or amber light.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/s/_/?Ntt=baja+designs+LP6+LED&_requestid=31062

12 Pro Comp SS 6 Six Way Universal Switch Panel

Pro Comp SS-6 Six-Way Universal Switch Panel

Many LED lights don’t come complete with stellar wiring harnesses and switches, some don’t come with wiring or switches at all. The Pro Comp SS-6 Six-Way Universal Switch Panel kit can solve all your LED light switch issues and then some. The modernized six-way universal switch panel is made of aluminum with an illuminated glass touch screen. It features an IP67 waterproof rating and the kit includes the control box, wiring harness, touch screen panel, LED voltmeter, 24 laser engraved switch stickers, an accessory bag and an instruction manual.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/pro-comp-ss-6-six-way-universal-switch-panel-76201/_/R-DFCW-76201

13 JW Speaker Trail 6 Sport Round LED Off Road Light Pods

JW Speaker Trail 6 Sport Round LED Off-Road Light Pod Kit

Some of us prefer a slightly different look, but still want bright LED lights. If that’s you, the JW Speaker Trail 6 Sport Round LED Off-Road Light Pods might be just what you need. The compact round LED light pods stand out from the crowd and provide a wide bright white flood beam pattern to light up the darkness for better visibility off-road. The light kit includes two lamps with universal brackets, mounting hardware, two quick disconnect harnesses and three sets of interchangeable lenses including spot, medium flood and wide flood beam patterns.

4WP Link- https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/jw-speakertrail-6-sport-3-7-round-led-off-road-light-pods-0555353/_/R-GNMK-0555353