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04 Ford Bronco Suspension Lift Leveling

How to Lift Your Truck on a Budget

Lifting your truck is one of the best ways to have it sitting higher, more imposing, and an avenue towards fitting a larger set of wheels and tires for that butch look. We’ve all seen lifted trucks and wondered how to get about it. What’s the truck lift cost involved? How much does it cost to raise a truck? Can I use a lift kit? What is a lift kit? These are all questions that we will answer in this article, plus more. 

Lifting a truck isn’t exactly child’s play, but it’s not a particularly complex avenue either. While it’s beyond the reach of most novices, a DIY enthusiast with moderate knowledge could accomplish some of the simpler methods, with a buddy on hand for assistance. Let us take you through three ways to lift your truck on a budget.

If you’re looking for lift kits, leveling kits, or other truck suspension gear, you’ll find it all under our Truck and Jeep Lift Kits and Suspension section. We don’t blame you if the sheer array of choices on offer can be confusing, that’s why our friendly off-road experts are always on hand to provide the best advice tailored to your specific requirements, vehicle make, model, and year. Just reach out to them and they’ll be glad to assist. Now, let’s look at how we can lift a truck.

01 Jeep JL Wrangler Lifted Rubicon Express

Get a Small Boost Using Torsion Keys

Many trucks use a torsion bar suspension setup. This relatively simple setup may not be the last word in cornering prowess or ride comfort, but it is strong, simple, reliable, and easy to repair. It also allows you to purchase some little doodads called Torsion Keys, and achieve a modest lift for your truck. 

Actually, your truck will already have factory-installed torsion keys to hold your torsion bars in place and maintain the factory-set ride height. Aftermarket torsion keys simply hold your torsion bars at a larger distance and can allow you to gain around an inch to an inch and a half of lift. This is great if you want to install larger wheels and tires that aren’t that much bigger than the factory units. Aftermarket torsion keys can cost around $150 or thereabouts, and represent the cheapest way to lift your truck if a modest lift is all you need.

However, there’s a tradeoff, as with most things in life. Your factory torsion keys don’t just maintain the factory-set ride height, they also ensure that the suspension works as desired. Installing aftermarket torsion keys can excessively pre-load your suspension, resulting in poorer ride quality. Depending on your truck and the nature of the aftermarket torsion keys you are installing, you might barely notice a difference in ride quality. On the other hand, you might grit your teeth at every bump or pothole.

Needless to say, this avenue isn’t an option if your truck doesn’t use a torsion bar set-up.

06 2022 Ford Bronco Coilover Shocks Suspension Lift Kit Leveling

Consider Using a Leveling Kit

The next level is to install an aftermarket leveling kit, of which we’ve got plenty to choose from in our inventory. Leveling kits come with an array of spacers, strut extensions, and more, that can give you between one and three inches of lift. A leveling kit is pricier, starting at around $250 on average.

The leveling kit also allows you to correct any leveling issues on your truck, such as the front or rear being too low, or too high, if this isn’t to your taste. You may also realize better ground clearance with a leveling kit, improving your truck’s off-road prowess. Remember that installing a leveling kit will likely require the removal of your springs and shock absorbers, so you can’t do it at home unless you know how to safely remove a spring that’s under tension, for example. Leveling kits are more popular because you can find them for nearly any truck on the market, regardless of suspension design.

01 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited Lifted Rubicon

Get a Body Lift for Your Truck

If you want even more lift, of 3 inches or more, a body lift is the next avenue. This lifts the body of your truck from its frame, allowing you to fit bigger wheels and tires as desired. Body lifts can cost as little as $150 upwards because they allow your truck to retain its stock suspension. However, you should note that you don’t get any extra ground clearance with a body lift, as your frame’s height off the ground is more or less unchanged. Installing a body lift may also require lengthening and beefing up of certain components such as brake lines and steering equipment, as your truck’s body is now sitting further away from the frame. Why not check out our array of body lift kits available, if this avenue fits your needs?

02 suspension lift

What About Suspension Lift Kits?

The suspension lift kit isn’t exactly a budget option, as they sit firmly within four figures. However, they are the best avenue if you want to lift your truck, plus realize better ground clearance, and enjoy improved ride quality as well. Suspension Lift Kits include shock absorbers and springs as well, resulting in their pricier nature. They are also the most intensive to install, but some offer a myriad of tuning options such as adjusting shock absorber compression and rebound rates, allowing you to tailor your ride to your liking while retaining your increased ride height.

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Truck Lifting Kits Plus More from 4 Wheel Parts

Whether it’s a lift kit, performance upgrade, or aesthetic improvement, we’ve got it all at 4 Wheel Parts. Just browse our entire range of fantastic products or call over at one of our stores. We’ve got over 100 stores peppered across the nation, so we’re never far away. We offer awesome prices, expert after-sales service, and all applicable warranties, ensuring maximum peace of mind for our customers. That’s why we’ve got such a loyal community of regular customers. Why not join them, and you’ll never need to run around hunting for truck or off-roader parts again?