The 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL makes it easier than ever to fit 37-inch tires on a Wrangler. Even 40-inch tires are not out of the question. Most people know that upgraded axles are a requirement for larger, heavier tires. But driveshafts are often overlooked. They are a vital component that literally transfers the power from your transfer case to the axles. Since the introduction of the JK Wrangler, Jeep has used Rzeppa joint-equipped drivelines instead of traditional U-joints. Rzeppa joints are inexpensive and offer a smooth ride. But they aren’t particularly strong, cannot be rebuilt, and they wear out quickly in lifted applications.

G2 Axle & Gear have you covered with their heavy-duty drive shafts for both two- and four-door JL Wranglers equipped with 3.6L Pentastar engines. They are available for front and rear applications for Jeeps with automatic or manual transmissions in every trim, from Sport to Sahara to Rubicon. All applications use heavy-duty 2.75-inch diameter DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel, aka no seams) tubing to resist denting and run smoothly at high RPMs. G2’s drive shafts come with a double-Cardan joint that provides 32 degrees of motion, far more than the factory Rzeppa joint. One-ton rated 1350 U-joints maximize strength. While greasable 1350 joints are available, G2 engineers sourced solid body U-joints that are stronger and use superior seals to resist dust, dirt, and water ingress. All G2 Axle & Gear JL drive shafts include new yokes for the transfer case and axle for easy bolt-on installation with no surprises.