Photography: HighRev Photo

Short-course off-road racing has always been one of the greatest tests of parts there is. There are not the static loads of going around on a paved track. Rather, trucks pound their way through whoops, fly high off of jumps, and, sometimes, they even fly into each other. Add to that drivers that are hell bent on winning with 900 horsepower on tap and the results are often parts being scattered into multiple pieces. And these are parts that built specifically to withstand the abuse of off-road racing.

That makes it all the more amazing that the LOORRS short-course series made the switch to DOT-legal tires for its Pro 2 class. Previously, the two-wheel drive full-size truck class used exotic race tires that were purpose-built to withstand the rigors of racing. Now the same off-the-shelf tires that you can buy are being subjected to all kinds of abuse from maniacal wheelmen like 4WP-back driver Brian Deegan. He put the Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 tires to the ultimate test by banging his way to victory at the last round of LOORRS racing. Check out the video below to see the action of Deegan taking the win.