Jeep should just go ahead and dub itself as the official vehicle of summer. There is no better way to enjoy the warmer temperatures than ditching the doors and hard top of your Jeep. Sure, the Wrangler has very few vehicles that can touch it on the trail. And, the aftermarket for the JK is almost endless so you can build one as capable as you want. But, the ability to ditch both the top and all of the doors truly separates the Wrangler from any other vehicle currently available. You could yank the doors off a Miata, but it just isn’t the same.

Of course, there are going to be times when you need some protection from the weather and the elements. Unfortunately, not every day in summer is perfect. That is where Bestop’s new Core Doors come in. Trail doors for Jeeps are nothing new, but most are built out of tube with some type of mesh covering. While these are great for offering a bit more protection on the trail, they don’t do much when bad weather rolls in. You are still going to get drenched by a rainstorm or freeze in an unexpected cold snap.

Bestop’s new Core Doors are unique in that they offer the open-air experience that everyone loves, but can quickly adapt to protect occupants from inclement weather. The doors feature cast aluminum lowers and optional twill uppers that convert them to full doors. Bestop is the OEM manufacturer of Jeep’s soft tops, so it is no surprise that the doors have an OEM level of quality. They aren’t your typical “trail” doors. Let’s check out the features of the new Bestop Core Doors.