The crew at 4 Wheel Parts loves technology: iPods, iPads, GPS, VHS, 8-track. (So we’re old. Shut up.) But more than anything, we love the technology found in modern engines and air filters. That’s why we’re always dismayed when we see a gleaming truck rolling in with all those factory parts under the hood. The fact is, most drivers don’t really know what’s going on under there, so car & truck manufacturers don’t bother to go the extra mile. Most of the time manufacturers put in the cheapest air filters they can because that’s all the average buyer needs. But you’re not average, are you? After all, you’re a 4 Wheel Parts customer and you know that installing a good air intake is one of the best things you can add to your truck that delivers better gas mileage, more performance and is a “green product” since you don’t throw it away every 10,000 miles. What’s that? You don’t know what an air intake does? Well, don’t worry, we’ll teach you.

Air + Fuel + Combustion = Motion

Your car or truck’s engine needs three things to run properly: fuel, spark plugs, and lots of fresh, clean air. All engines come with an air filter designed to let clean air into the engine. Unfortunately, most stock air filters are just good enough to do the job but not good enough to do much else.  A better air filter (replacement air filters) lets your engine breathe easier and take in more clean air, allowing for better engine performance. It also allows the air to go into the engine more smoothly, giving you increased horsepower and torque, while at the same time decreasing how much fuel the engine uses. But an air intake system is like an air filter on steroids, without all those harmful side effects. It doesn’t matter if you have a gas engine or diesel, they both benefit from more horsepower, torque and mileage. Here’s what a new cold air filter does: Increase Air Volume & Better Gas Mileage: A larger filter takes in more air. Instead of sucking air from a tiny tube feeding your airbox, an intake changes the filter to a much larger filter that breathes air from 360 degrees instead of that straw that the OEM’s build into your ride. With more air, your engine operates more efficiently because it won’t need to overcompensate by adding more fuel for combustion. More efficiency = less fuel! Anything that saves gas will eventually pay for itself (BONUS). Decreased Particles: Ever replace your air filter and notice how dirty it gets? Standard air filters are good at removing air particles, but upgraded filters are better. The fewer particles that get into you engine, the better your engine runs and the longer it could last. Decreased Engine Air Temperature: Standard air filters tend to be shorter, taking in air from near the engine. This makes the air warmer, and warmer air has a lower oxygen density than colder air. An upgraded air intake brings in colder air, allowing for better oxygen concentration and increased performance. Increased Engine Noise: Many people who install a new air filter for their car or truck notice that their engine sounds a little more….aggressive. This is natural. There is more, clean air going into your engine. That louder noise just means your engine is happier. In short, installing an upgraded air filter may be the single, easiest way to give yourself a better engine without having to seriously mess around with the parts.

AiRaid and K&N Filter Specialists

At 4 Wheel Parts, we have a wide range of filters to choose from, such as AiRaid and K&N Filters. Though any upgrade to your air filtration system is a good idea, our Crew at 4WP knows a lot about AiRaid filters and which of their filters works best with your vehicle. Whether it’s an exact fit bolt in system like the Airaid M.I.T. kit that gives you top under-hood air filter performance, or a U-Build-It filter that you cut to your needs, the 4WP crew knows exactly what your car or truck needs and what options will fit into your budget. Stop by 4 Wheel Parts today so we can talk about giving your engine a new lease on life with a new cold-air filtration system.