We love our customers. And to prove it, we’re letting you in on a few insider secrets about suspensions. When you come to one of our stores and ask which brand of suspension is better, you need to know we know what we’re talking about. 

Why? Because you and your truck can’t be rolling around on a suspension that’s a $2 part away from falling off, when you’ve been lead to believe it’s heavy duty and can’t be broken without a plasma cutter or Thor’s hammer. We’ll never lead you on like that.

We’ve been in business since 1991 and we’ve installed and used just about every brand out there. We know which brands are great, which ones are pretty good and the ones that we wouldn’t install on a truck that’s only meant to sit on the showroom floor and never actually use the suspension for anything more than looks.  Some ride better than others and some are just flat out dangerous.

Which Suspension Lift Kit Is Best?

So no holding back. We’re bringing you on the inside to give you the secrets of the trade. And it’s not all that bad. Honestly, most suspension companies have pretty decent suspensions. But that’s not why you’re still reading this. You want to know the reason why you should hand over thousands of dollars for this one brand over another brand.

Right now you’ll learn why 4 Wheel Parts recommends BDS and Zone Off Road suspensions. Do they pay us to tell you they are awesome? No way. But there is a reason we use them.

It’s because they’re built right.

You won’t leave the shop with this suspension on your truck and wonder if you’ve made the right choice. Both of these suspension brands are made with high quality parts and are put together by someone who gives a damn about the finished product.

It doesn’t hurt that FOX Racing is the parent company to both of these companies. They can’t afford to build an inferior or sloppy product.

Where are the missing pieces…?

Let’s break this down even further for you. Not only are these suspensions made with quality parts and put together the right way, they come with important things like all of the needed brackets and parts for a correct fit (yeah, the cheap kits frequently hold back on some of these things they call “options” that we call “required parts” if you want it to work right).

And don’t forget the lift kit warranties.

BDS has a REAL lifetime warranty. Not some limited life-in-dog-years-time warranty.

BDS has a “No Fine Print Lifetime Warranty.” What’s that mean? Exactly what it says. If you buy a BDS part and it breaks, you get a new part. If you offload directly onto a tree stump and break something, you get a new part. If you get into a wreck and break something, you get a new part. If you’re the original owner and you use the parts as recommended (meaning you don’t take a hacksaw to them) you’re covered for pretty much anything.

It’s really that simple.

Zone in on this great warranty.

Zone Off Road also offers a great warranty. If your Zone parts fail or break because of a defect or a manufacturing defect, you get new parts. With Zone, you get a warranty that covers you as long as you own the vehicle the suspension is installed on. It protects you against defects in the material and workmanship of the parts.

It’s a very solid warranty and they actually honor it. It’s not quite like what BDS hands you (nobody has a warranty like they do), but it’s near the top of the heap when it comes to aftermarket warranties.

But Wait, There’s More! A PowerTrain Warranty is Included*

All BDS Suspension and Zone Offroad suspension systems qualify for the corresponding participating brands limited lifetime warranty.  Plus, you get a 5-year, 60,000 mile powertrain warranty at no charge if your vehicle qualifies!

  • A 5 year 60,000 mile warranty is available for ALL participating brands vehicle suspension systems as long as the vehicle is less than 5 years old from the date of manufacture and the mileage is less than 60,000 miles. The protection applies to any eligible participating brands suspension systems purchased on or after November 1st, 2013.
  • See http://bds-suspension.com/about#fpp for complete details

What To Expect from a Lifted Truck

With BDS or Zone Off Road, you’ll get that comfortable factory ride quality. No jarring or bouncing because it’s too stiff or that mushy, marshmallow feeling when you’re going down the highway. BDS and Zone suspensions are made to last and to give you the best results. The differences between these two are the prices, warranties and finish.

Go with BDS and you’re getting the quality and the awesome warranty and it doesn’t cost that much more. It’s well worth a few extra bucks, though, so you won’t feel robbed even for a second. With Zone Off Road you’ll get that great quality and an awesome warranty, just not quite the premium warranty like BDS.  

Either way you go, you’re getting a great, high quality suspension. And now you know why. You also know what to look for when shopping around for other suspensions.

Or just give us a call. We’ll give you an honest answer that’s come from decades of installing and dealing with just about every suspension brand out there. We’d love to know your opinions too. Give us a call, send an email or comment below.