Photography: Boyd Jaynes

Making a Jeep JK stand out nowadays can be a bit of a problem. Part of the reason for this is that almost everything has already been done to the JK. How about one tons and 40s? Been there, done that. What about an Angry Birds grille? We have seen too many of those. Call us jaded, but it can be hard to be original with a Jeep JK. Trying to build one that doesn’t get lost in a sea of JKs can be very hard.

That is not the case with this Jeep JK Unlimited. From the photos it is easy to see why it got lots of attention. It is truly one of a kind and has everything done to it. Southern Off-Road Specialists and TimeWarp customs started with a 2017 Jeep JKU and then stretched its wheelbase by a whopping 30 inches. A custom-made Aqualu Industries bed was then grafted into position. That gave enough room for another axle, turning the JK into a 6×6.

If all that wasn’t enough, the JK uses six super-trick Currie F9 fabricated axle housings with AxleTech portal boxes at the end of them. And if that doesn’t impress you, they also decided to turn the JK into a truck. And if you still aren’t satisfied, the stock six banger was ditched in favor of a 6.4L Hemi V8 that easily moves the 6×6 with authority. Finally, a Rubicon Express coilover long arm system was placed up front to help clear the 40-inch Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 tires making for one extremely built and unique Jeep JK.