Photography: Boyd Jaynes

It’s pretty hard to beat the versatility of a fullsize pickup truck. They can haul a ton of gear in the bed and tow lots of weight. Get a four-door and you’ll have plenty of room for the whole family or lots of friends. Modern trucks are extremely reliable and very comfortable. Spend some extra coin and you can get one with an interior rivaling any luxury car. Opt for a heavy-duty truck, and it will come with some serious towing and hauling capability straight from the factory.

When Ford first introduced it twenty years ago, the Super Duty was primarily a work truck focused on moving lots of weight. Since then, it has evolved into the perfect example of a modern heavy-duty truck. Big, comfortable and capable, the Super Duty can take on any task thrown at it. From work truck to daily driver to tow rig, the Super Duty can pretty much handle it all.

The Super Duty’s versatility and capability are what attract many to it. This owner wanted a capable vehicle to tow his trailer, be comfortable on road trips, haul his family around, and even commute to work if needed. A 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty checked all those boxes for him, making it an easy choice.

While it might sound like smiles and sunshine with a happy ending, one area where the big Super Duty is somewhat lacking is off-road capability. While it’s not all that bad in stock form, there is major room for improvement. Luckily, there are now lots of options to help make the Super Duty better in the dirt.

The goal for this truck was to maintain the Super Duty’s versatility, while radically enhancing its prowess in the dirt. Of course, the truck had to look good when its transformation was all over, too. The team at 4 Wheel Parts went to work installing a selection of parts from Pro Comp, LRG, Smittybilt, G2, and others. The result is a great-looking, multi-missioned Super Duty that is as comfortable in the dirt as it is on the highway.