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01 Ford Bronco Wild Fund

A Closer Look at Ford’s Bronco Wild Fund

Ford Sets Sights on Land Conservation and Stewardship of National Forests

Photography courtesy of Ford

The return of the Ford Bronco means more than just bringing back a name that has been dormant since 1996. Ford has made it a priority to connect Bronco owners with the outdoors responsibly through the Bronco Wild Fund.  Given the huge number of new recreation enthusiasts as a result of the pandemic; education, access, and preservation are more important now than ever.

Ford hopes to encourage Bronco buyers to explore public lands but do so in a manner that also protects them for future generations.

“The Bronco Wild Fund will help Bronco owners and off-road enthusiasts connect with the outdoors on a deeper, more personal level – ultimately enabling them to become responsible stewards of our nation’s treasures,” said Mark Grueber, Bronco brand Marketing Manager.

02 2021 Ford Bronco Wildland Fire

Ford has teamed up with the National Forest Foundation and Outward Bound to help make the journey into the backcountry as rich and rewarding as possible, funding these programs with a portion of the profits from every Bronco sold. Bronco brand’s endowment is targeted to raise up to $5 million annually for reforestation, trail management, outdoor adventure and scholarship programs through nonprofits dedicated to the preservation of our nation’s outdoors for generations to come.

03 National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation, created by Congress in 1992, is the only nonprofit solely dedicated to protecting and promoting America’s 193 million acres of national forests and grasslands. A primary effort of the organization has been ongoing reforestation for post-forest fire restoration and reforestation in other areas of natural disturbance. The foundation launched the 50 Million for Our Forests campaign to raise funds by 2023 in an effort to plant 50 million trees across the National Forest System.

Along with helping the foundation reach its goal faster by planting 1 million trees, Bronco Wild Fund will contribute to ongoing reforestation efforts. Bronco enthusiasts can participate in forest stewardship efforts directly through programs to help plant a tree for every $1 donated.

04 2021 Ford Bronco Filson Wildland Fire Forest

“We are proud and excited to receive this incredible support through the Bronco Wild Fund for our 50 Million for Our Forests campaign,” said Mary Mitsos, president and CEO, National Forest Foundation.

“Their backing will help restore forests damaged by severe wildfires and help protect our nation’s water supply, air quality and sequestering carbon. Through this alliance, we’ll also help people reconnect with the wild in a responsible manner to encourage stewardship of our public lands and help protect America’s national forest resources.”

05 Outward Bound Camp

From backpacking and climbing to rafting, canoeing, sailing and dogsledding­; Outward Bound is the leading provider of outdoor education programs for youth and adults in the United States. The Bronco Wild Fund is supporting Outward Bound by providing scholarships for students from across the country.

In the words of Richard Stopol, President and CEO of New York City Outward Bound Schools, “We seek nothing less than to help every individual we serve, discover and tap into their best selves as students, as workers, and as family and community members.” Offering programs to access some of our country’s great wilderness, Outward Bound USA is a world-recognized nonprofit on a mission to change lives through challenge and discovery. Founded in 1941, the organization pioneered outdoor adventure learning around the world and now operates in more than 30 countries.

06 2021 Ford Bronco Filson Wildland Fire Rear

In the United States, Outward Bound delivers expeditionary learning programs in and out of the classroom that build character and leadership that results in effective teamwork along with a respect for the environment. Bronco Wild Fund donated $50,000 to Outward Bound USA in 2020 to create unique Bronco-inspired backcountry expeditions to provide access to outdoor learning experiences that teach responsible enjoyment and care for the environment and public lands. The fund has allocated $250,000 for Outward Bound USA scholarships for 2021.

07 2021 Ford Bronco Filson Wildland Fire Forest Road

“We are thrilled to work with Ford to create special opportunities for young people to learn and grow through outdoor adventures that they will carry with them for a lifetime,” said Josh Brankman, executive director, Outward Bound USA.

08 2021 Ford Bronco Wild Fund Filson Wildland Fire Bronco

Ford teamed up with high end outdoor manufacturer Filson to create the Bronco + Filson Wildland Fire Rig. For more than 120 years, Filson has been a rugged standard-bearer of outdoor gear and adventure. Both Ford and Filson have a shared history with the United States Forest Service, and this vehicle is designed to honor the wildland firefighters who work tirelessly every wildfire season. A nimble off-road machine, the vehicle is outfitted to help battle forest fires and proudly displays the craftsmanship of Filson’s most rugged and iconic materials.  To learn more about the Bronco Wild Fund, go to www.broncowildfund.com.