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01 2021 2022 Ford Bronco Lift Suspension Coilovers Leveling

4WP Factory Unveils All New Ford Bronco Suspension Lifts and Components

2021 Ford Bronco Suspension Upgrades For Every Budget

Photos: Courtesy of 4WP Factory

The new Ford Bronco has been one of the most anticipated 4x4s of the decade. With Ford Broncos finally rolling off the assembly line and into enthusiasts’ hands, it didn’t take long for 4WP Factory to engineer, develop and produce an aftermarket suspension lineup for the Bronco A-arm independent front suspension and solid axle rear suspension. No matter what your plans are for your new Ford Bronco, 4WP Factory has you covered with high-performance suspension parts that help fit larger tires under your Bronco and control the bumps off-road. Read on to see which 4WP Factory suspension components should be under your wild horse.

02 Ford Bronco 2021 2022 Suspension Lift Leveling Kit

4WP Factory Bronco Leveling Lift Kit

The 4WP Factory modular leveling lift kit for the new Ford Bronco offers up to 2.5 inches of lift up front and 1.5 inches of lift for the rear. It’s the fastest, safest, and most economical way to raise the front and rear of your Bronco. Each spacer is CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and precision engineered to retain the OE shocks for factory ride quality. The front lift is adjustable from 2 to 2.5 inches of lift, which gives the user the ability to give their Bronco just the stance they want. The front height adjustability can also be utilized to compensate for the added weight of a winch and aftermarket front bumper. The spacers allow for fitment of up to 315/70R17 tires. They install quickly without having to preload the strut. No cutting or welding is required so the vehicle can be easily returned to stock.

Price: $399.99

Learn More: https://www.4wheelparts.com/parts-and-accessories/ford-bronco/_/N-1sks2

03 2021 2022 Ford Bronco Coilover Shocks Suspension Lift Kit Leveling

4WP Factory 2.5 VSRT Bronco Coilovers

The 4WP Factory 2.5-inch VSRT front and rear coilover shocks allow you to adjust the lift height of your new Bronco. They also offer premium shock damping for off-road use. Each shock features Vehicle Specific Ride Tuning (VSRT) to provide the best ride quality both on- and off-road. The impact forged aluminum shock bodies have thick walls and are hard anodized, which not only looks great and fends off corrosion, it reduces internal friction and shock bore wear. These monotube shocks are stuffed with chrome plated 17-4 PH stainless steel precipitation-hardened shafts and an internal floating piston to help reduce shock fade on high-speed jaunts. A closed-cell foam bump stop prevents harsh unloading as the suspension droops. The 4WP Factory 2.5-inch VSRT coilover shocks are handmade in the USA and are completely rebuildable.

04 4WP Factory VSRT Bronco Coilovers
05 2021 2022 Ford Bronco Coilover Shocks Suspension Lift Kit Leveling Upper Control Arm

4WP Factory Bronco Tubular Upper Control Arms

The 4WP Factory Bronco tubular upper control arms are engineered for increased strength, proper steering geometry and improved wheel travel on lifted applications without sacrificing ride quality. Each all-new upper control arm provides the strength of a race-style uniball arm with the ride quality and reliability characteristics of the factory part through the use of an aftermarket high-angle ball joint. The sealed high-performance ball joints feature billet O-ring dust caps, which helps protect the ball joint assembly from corrosion, dirt and debris in harsh off-road conditions. On the frame side, low-maintenance PTMEG urethane bushings and helix grooved pivot points are combined with a sealed dust cap to provide years of quiet performance.

06 4WP Factory Ford Bronco Upper Control Arms
07 2021 2022 Ford Bronco Rear Suspension Adjustable Trackbar

4WP Factory Bronco Adjustable Rear Track Bar

The 4WP Factory Ford Bronco rear adjustable track bar is stronger than the OE track bar and allows for proper rear axle location with lifts of 0 to 3 inches. It’s made from 1.375-inch .188-wall DOM steel tubing and features an on-vehicle adjustable sleeve, which allows for precise axle alignment without the need to disassemble the suspension. A three-piece multi-rate bushing assembly is at one end and a precision alloy FK rod end is on the adjustable side for unhindered suspension articulation. The 4WP Factory Ford Bronco rear adjustable track bar fits in the OEM track bar mount and is powder-coated for corrosion resistance. It comes complete with a CNC machined zinc-plated pinch housing and zinc-plated 12-point alloy steel bolts.

Price: $399.99

Learn More: https://www.4wheelparts.com/parts-and-accessories/ford-bronco/_/N-1sks2