Reading a Tire Sidewall

Follow the diagram below for a complete overview on how to decipher the information displayed on a tire sidewall to get an idea of what size and type of tires you want.

Reading a Tire Sidewall
31 x 10.50 R 15 LT C 109 Q
Nominal Overall Diameter (inches)   Nominal Section Width (inches) Construction Code (Radial) Rim Diameter Light Truck Tire Load Range Load Index Speed Symbol
Speed Symbol Speed Category
N 87 mph (140km/h)
P 93 mph (150km/h)
Q 99 mph (160km/h)
R 106 mph (170km/h)
S 112 mph (180km/h)
T 118 mph (190km/h)
H 130 mph (210km/h)
Load Range Ply Rating
A 2
B 4
C 6
D 8
E 10
F 12
G 14
H 16
J 18
L 20
M 22
N 24

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