Transmission Upgrade Buyer’s Guide – BD Diesel, Banks Power, and Bully Dog

Why Upgrade my Stock Transmission?

Reasons to Upgrade:

Modern transmissions are subjected to extraordinary amounts of abuse and stress, especially in today's diesel pickups. Even at stock power levels the transmissions experience load levels that can wear them out over time, and it's better to upgrade them early rather than risk being left stranded down the road. While they're designed to handle stock power levels, stock transmissions don't fare so well when the power levels get turned up. Wear and tear is exponentially increased as power levels go up, eventually leading to premature transmission failure. This is why manufacturers have stepped in, introducing upgraded parts and transmissions that can withstand the increased stresses placed on today's trucks.

  • Increased Durability
  • Increased Power Handling Capabilities
  • Increased Towing/Hauling Capacity
  • Increased Performance
  • Piece of Mind

Transmission Overview


  • BD Diesel Performance Transmission

    The stock transmission and torque converter were designed to handle the output of the stock engine, but not much more. Increase the durability of your drivetrain with a BD Diesel transmission and torque converter. BD transmissions incorporate revised oil circuits, extra clutches, and stronger internals to handle up to 300% more power and torque than the stock transmission. All BD Diesel transmissions come with their heavy-duty transmission pan, and most Dodge and Ford applications come bundled with their Full Flow Transmission Filter Kit for added protection and cooling.

Torque Converters

  • Banks Billet Torque Converter

    With its multi-disc lockup clutch assembly and improved forged-steel billet housing that maintains solid contact without flexing, the new Banks Billet Torque Converter provides far greater torque capacity than stock (1100 lb-ft vs. 740 lb-ft). And because the lockup clutch is slip-resistant, transmission fluid temperatures stay cooler and transmission life is prolonged. From its single-piece billet housing CNC-machined from forged steel to the furnace-brazed turbine and impeller to the furnace-brazed and hardened turbine hub to the hardened pump drive made of 4130 chrome-moly steel to withstand massive torque, the Banks Billet Torque Converter is built for precision, performance and long-lasting durability.

    A Banks Power Torque Converter Will Hold up to Extra Power
  • BD Diesel Triple Torque Force Converter

    With Diesel engine high torque performance and high-load situations, the torque converter must multiply the torque at low engine RPM to get the truck moving and then the lock up clutch must hold on in peak demand. BD Diesel TorqForce torque converters were specifically designed to handle the kind of punishment you dish out.

    • Billet Steel Cover
    • Single and Triple Piston Lock Up Clutches Available
    • Furnace-Brazed Fins
    • Reduced Coupling Speed
    • Enhanced Low-Speed Drivability
    • Improved Fuel Economy
    Stepping Up the Transmission to Handle an Increase in Horsepower with BD Diesel

Transmission Kits

  • BD Diesel Build-It Transmission Kit

    Are you a looking to rebuild your own transmission and need some specialty parts to match your application? BD offers a range of rebuild parts kits that feature the same parts we use in our own performance transmissions for the seasoned builder to complete the job. All kits include the basic rebuild parts and gaskets and have the added touches that range from stock HP up to our Stage 4 Master Kit.

Transmission Shafts

  • BD Diesel Billet Shafts

    Increase transmission durability with either stock or Billet input, output, and intermediate shafts and hubs. Billet shafts, which are rated up to 300M and 300 Maraging, are designed to take the shock from high horsepower and heavy loads, which is highly recommended when using our Triple Torque Force converter or for any truck making over 500RWHP. Replacement stock shafts and hubs are also available for the less aggressive trucks.