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Toyota Tacoma Lift Kits, Suspension & Shocks

Your Tacoma does a good job of getting you through the trail in once piece, no matter how rough things get. However, your truck has its limits, especially when it comes to the height of obstacles it scales. Wouldn't it be great if you could push those limits? Luckily, with a Tacoma lift kit and a bit of elbow grease, you can. This kit gives you everything you need to add a few extra inches of clearance to your truck so you can reach parts of the trail you've never seen before.

Why Lift?

Sure, using a Toyota Tacoma lift kit makes your ride look bigger and more off-road ready than ever before, but what other benefits does it have? In fact, a well-made suspension lift kit like the ones you'll find at has a wide range of boos you're sure to appreciate as an off-road enthusiast. First and foremost, the added inches give you better clearance, meaning you're able to climb steeper slopes, take on bigger rocks and generally dominate anything in your way. Second, you'll have space for bigger tires and improved Tacoma shock absorbers, which in many cases means more grip, more power and better balance. Finally, you'll notice a generally improved performance. Between bigger, more powerful tires, more traction and all the other benefits, you'll have a stronger ride that you can really take to the limit with each and every outing.

Everything You Need at the Right Price

In order to get your lift kit working properly, you may need a few extra parts and tools, such as Toyota Tacoma leveling kits, larger tires and more. None of these are cheap, but when you choose to shop with us at 4 Wheel Parts, you can still save some serious cash while preparing for your upgrade. Buy your Tacoma lifts from us and enjoy our everyday low prices, as well as great sales and clearance opportunities that really help you keep your wallet intact while you maximize your truck's performance.

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