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2 1997 Jeep TJ

What’s New: Roof Options for Jeeps to Fit Your Summer Mood

Jeep is one of those manufacturers who know that their target market want something different from the run-of-the-mill SUV or off-roader. Why go for a regular vehicle with fixed doors and top when you can choose a soft top, or even customize the removable hardtop on certain Jeep models? Jeep have managed to offer this while retaining the structural integrity, weather protection and internal climate control functionality of their vehicles which is truly amazing. That’s why the Jeep lifestyle is a true embodiment of becoming one with the great outdoors.

Capitalizing on this unique functionality, there are a slew of aftermarket roof options such as Bestop truck tops and Jeep soft tops. At 4 Wheel Parts, we carry a wide range of options, and we’ve picked out four of our favorites to kickstart something in your mind. While you’re at it, why not check out some accessories as well, to make your upcoming summer trips just that little bit better?

09 Bestop Supertop Ultra Soft Top Jeep Wrangler JK

Choosing Between Soft and Hard Tops

Some models of Jeep Wrangler allow you the luxury to choose between aftermarket soft and hard tops. Want ease of use, coupled with the facility to open, or close the top in seconds, and simply fold it when opened? A soft top is your friend. Want something a bit sturdier, with a proper hard shell over you, and the added security that comes with it? Go for a hard top. 

Want the best of both worlds? Why not go for both if you can afford it and have the storage space for a hardtop at home? Yes, it may seem extravagant, but there are Jeepers who’ve come to recognize and enjoy the versatility offered by this avenue. If you’re unsure, just talk to our experts at 4 Wheel Parts, and they’d be happy to assist.


Bestop Supertop Skin

Bestop’s Supertop Skin is a soft top with windows that comes in spice, black denim and black diamond color options. Made for two-door Jeeps, it’s a fine aftermarket option, with premium fabric materials that maintain their shape under varying weather conditions, industrial strength thread, and sealed seams for watertight protection. 

Requiring Supertop hardware, it’s easy to install and remove thanks to the BeltRail attachment system, while heavy duty YKK scoop-counted zippers enable easy detachment and re-attachment of the clear or tinted windows depending on your chosen option. A five-year limited warranty caps off a comprehensive aftermarket soft top package for suitable Jeeps.


Bestop Supertop Truck Bed Top

Got a truck? Don’t worry, you can get in on the aftermarket top action with the Bestop Supertop Truck Bed Top that’s built to the same high standards as their other offerings, featuring black heavy-duty fabric, no-drill fitting, and can be installed and removed with ease, folding out of the way in seconds if desired. Talk to our friendly experts to determine if this product is suitable for your truck, and they will be glad to help out.

08 Bestop Supertop Soft Truck Bed Camper

DV8 Offroad Fastback Hard Top

Made specifically for the superb Jeep Wrangler JL four-door, the DV8 Offroad Fastback Hard Top range features high-quality hand-laid fiberglass construction with honeycomb reinforcing for added durability, and an aerodynamic design to ensure that your fuel economy doesn’t take a hit. The part extending over the driver and front passenger can be lifted like a targa top for added coolness. 

The quick-release latching system aids in easy installation and removal, and the rear windows feature heating for better visibility. An extra thick UV stable gel coat adds protection from the elements as well. It’s fully made in the USA, so why not support local while rocking a stylishly cool hard top on your Wrangler?


Bestop Sunrider For Hard Top

Have you got a Jeep or current-model Ford Bronco with the removable hard top panels? If so, you know that stowing these panels when not in use can be a bit of a bother. Bestop has got you covered, with the Sunrider For hard top option. Available for the Ford Bronco 2021, as well as the Jeep Wrangler JK, this product replaces the factory hard top panel with a soft top that’s easy to install and remove, requires zero drilling, and offers super weather protection. 

You can keep your factory hard top panels at home instead of having them clogging up your cargo storage, and when you want fresh air and open skies, simply pop open the Sunrider. Should the sun get too strong, or a sudden rainshower head your way, the Sunrider can be closed in seconds. All hardware required for installation is included, affording you maximum peace of mind.


Roofs And Everything Else for Jeeps? Step Right This Way.

Jeep aficionados or ‘Jeepers’, as they fondly refer to themselves, are flocking to 4 Wheel Parts stores across the country. They know that whatever they desire to make their Jeep swifter, stronger and more capable off road, as well as to enhance their off-roading and camping lifestyle, they’re sure to find it at 4 Wheel Parts. Why don’t you join the community as well? Drop by one of our 100 stores located nationwide or hit up our website where you can make purchases and have them delivered to your doorstep courtesy of an efficient logistics network, including six distribution centers. 

Regardless of your chosen route, our friendly experts are on hand to offer advice, we’ve got a price matching policy to bring you the best prices and offer all applicable warranties on purchases. Give us a try, you’re in good hands as countless others have discovered to their delight.