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What’s New: Pro Comp LED Light Products That You Weren’t Aware Of

Lighting is a critical element of any road-legal vehicle, so much so that it’s mandated on all road-legal vehicles, not just in North America but every country in the world. After all, if you can’t see where you’re going in the dark, you aren’t going to get very far unscathed. While most vehicles come with perfectly competent lighting for regular use, you’re going to want to upgrade at some stage.

Why do you need to upgrade? First off, if your vehicle is relatively old and uses halogen, or even older sealed-beam headlamps, chances are that their light output is extremely weak in the current context of LED and laser lighting on modern cars. You can upgrade the bulbs to LED units that will enhance the light output, but you should ensure that they conform to regulations, and do not dazzle other road users. You can find LED headlight replacement units for a variety of models at 4 Wheel Parts, as well as tail and brake lamps. You can also purchase LED conversion kits for your existing headlamp housings, as well as reverse/backing-up lights. 4 Wheel Parts offer a wide variety of brands, one of which is Pro Comp, an established name in off-roading circles.

If you’re looking at augmenting your factory lighting, there’s a veritable rabbit hole to venture down, including off-road racing, fog and driving lights, as well as auxiliary lighting options. To put it simply, if you want to light it up, there’s likely to be an option to do so. A little tip from us is to make sure that your electrical system is up to the task if you’re installing extensive aftermarket lighting. That means you need to consider upgrading your alternator, wiring, as well as slot in a high-capacity battery. Furthermore, lighting installations should be done by a trained professional, using correct parts and techniques, such as relays and appropriate fuse protection.

10 2021 Ford Raptor Rigid Industries LED Lights

What Are LED Light Bars On A Truck?

Light bars are one of the most common auxiliary lighting products that you can find, as they can be mounted pretty much anywhere. As the name suggests, they are a long strip of LED lights in the shape of a bar, that is usually mounted in a frame, and can be adjusted for angle. Installing an LED light bar is usually a straightforward affair, as many aftermarket bumpers and roof racks allow no-drilling installations to be performed. All that’s required is to provide the requisite wiring, fusing, relay circuits and switches for the light bar and presto, you can light up the forest like it’s the 4th of July, minus the fire and noisy explosions. 

Features Of LED Light Bars

LED light bars tend to be extremely low profile, and are less prominent than fog lamps. This makes them an attractive alternative for owners who want to add auxiliary lighting, but don’t want to spoil the lines of their vehicle with circular fog lamps. In fact, it’s possible to unobtrusively install LED light bars behind the grille, for example, creating an even more seamless look.

While most LED light bars light up in bright white, or ‘daylight’ as it’s known, you can also find LED light bars with multiple colors that are selectable from the cabin. However, you should check the legality of having these installed on a vehicle that’s used on public roads, as there is legislation governing the use of such lights, for example, you cannot have red and blue flashing lights on your vehicle which can mimic a police car. The wise owner will either detach the light bar when using public roads, or cover them with a light bar cover.

Some advanced LED light bars allow you to either light up all LEDS on the bar, or selected ones at will, thus enabling the light bar to perform some functions of a spotlight, as well as the typical usage scenario of a flood light. These may also offer brightness control, and diffused lighting to avoid dazzling bystanders.

02 Pro Comp LED Light Bar SR30 Single Row

Best ProComp Light Products

At 4 Wheel Parts, you can choose from a solid range of Pro Comp LED light bars that are certain to meet nearly every requirement. 

Pro Comp Motorsports 6-inch single-row LED combo spot/flood light bar

Let’s start with the base offering, the $69.99 Pro Comp Motorsports 6-inch single-row LED combo spot/flood light bar. Even though it’s the smallest offering, it still packs 30 watts of lighting power, and comes with everything you’d need, including wiring harness, switch, fuse, and relay. For just a tenner more, there’s the double row variant coming in at $79.99 and offering 60 watts of lighting power.

Pro Comp Motorsports Series 20-inch single row LED combo spot/flood light bar

Want to crank it up a bit? How about the Pro Comp Motorsports Series 20-inch single row LED combo spot/flood light bar? Coming in at $124.99, it offers 100 watts of LED lighting which is more than many outdoor floodlights. As with the others, you get everything you need for installation, and should you want to double up, the double-row variant with 200 watts of lighting is available for just $149.99.

Pro Comp Motorsports Series 50-inch Double Row LED combo spot/flood light bar

Let’s go full monty, the big cheese, crank it up to eleven. Welcome to the Pro Comp Motorsports Series 50-inch Double Row LED combo spot/flood light bar. This bad boy costs $299.99, but counters with 500 watts of lighting power, which is more than every single bulb in a regular home would tally up to. As you’d expect, everything you need is included, but we’d seriously recommend upgrading your vehicle’s alternator and battery to properly cater to this big guy.

01 Ford Raptor Prerunner Off Road LED HID Lights Lightbar Lead Image

Your Source for New Pro Comp LED Lighting

If you’re wondering where to purchase aftermarket enhancement parts from, look no further than 4 Wheel Parts. As an established retailer, you can either walk into one of their 90 stores nationwide to check out and purchase their merchandise, or visit their website. Six distribution centers strategically located across the country ensure that your package is on your doorstep pronto, a price-matching policy means you get best value for your money, and robust after-sales service attends to any gremlins that you may encounter – not that you are likely to encounter any, as 4 Wheel Parts deal with established brands that offer high-quality products.