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01 Rugged Radios GMRS GMR25 Mobile Toyota Tacoma

Rugged GMRS Mobile And Handheld Radios Solve All Your Communication Issues

Which Rugged GMRS radio is right for you?

Photos courtesy of the manufacturer

Rugged GMRS radios are ideal for Jeeps, 4x4s, overlanding, UTVs, hiking, adventure, emergencies, and many other off-grid communication needs. The radios have become extremely popular for recreational communications, and for good reason. GMRS radios are easy to use and walkie-talkie compatible, allowing you to talk to any GMRS and FRS handheld radio on the market. Unlike other communication options, GMRS radio frequencies perform well in all environments including open ground, wooded regions and suburban areas, making GMRS ideal for adventures in any environment – with or without obstructions.

Regardless of if your outdoor playground is in canyons, mountains, deserts or forests, Rugged GMRS radios have you covered. A GMRS radio does require a license, but it’s easy to get one online, the license is good for 10 years and a single license and call sign can be used by your entire family. Read on to find out which Rugged GMRS radio is best for you and your vehicles.


02 Rugged Radio GMRS GMR2 Handheld Jeep 1

Choosing between a mobile or handheld GMRS radio can be a tough choice. A handheld radio is more versatile, but a mobile radio is more powerful and can reach longer distances.

Rugged Handheld Or Mobile GMRS Radio

Rugged GMRS radios are available in both mobile and handheld versions. Which is right for you will depend on how you plan to use the radio. Mobile radios require mounting installation and wiring in the vehicle, but they also offer significantly more power to reach further distances. Handheld radios are extremely convenient for anyone that plans to use the radio in multiple vehicles. Handhelds are also the best choice for those that need communications outside of the vehicle as well. Radio range and battery life are the most prominent downsides to handheld radios when compared to mobile radios.

03 Rugged Radios GMRS GMR2 Handheld

A Rugged GMR2 handheld radio can be easily carried and used during other hobbies outside a vehicle. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you plenty of talking time away from power outlets.

Rugged GMR2 Handheld GMRS Radio

The Rugged GMR2 offers the ultimate in compact and convenient handheld GMRS radio communication. It has an optimized transmitter with a tuned antenna, which provides long range performance. This gives the GMR2 the ability to transmit clear long range communications at a lower power, which extends battery life. It features standard GMRS channels, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a squelch suppression button, a built-in flashlight, an A/B switch to toggle between channels and a backlit easy to view display. The GMR2 can be used to communicate with all GMRS and FRS radios operating on the same channels. This includes the Rugged GMR45, GMR25, and GMR2 radios. It even works with all GMRS radios from other manufacturers including Motorola, Midland, Uniden, and many more. The GMR2 has an FM radio and can also monitor weather channels. Each GMR2 includes a belt clip, a charging cradle and an AC adapter/charger. Rugged GMR2 radios can be purchased individually, in pairs or in bundles and adventure packs, which help adapt the GMR2 to your specific communication needs.

04 Rugged Radio GMRS GMR25 Mobile

The Rugged GMR25 mobile radio is ideal for most recreational 4×4 and off-road applications. It’s waterproof so you’ll never have to worry about traveling topless in inclement weather.

Rugged GMR25 Mobile GMRS Radio

The Rugged GMR25 is a powerful, compact and waterproof GMRS mobile mounted radio. It’s perfect for recreational 4x4s and UTVs as well as any other general purpose communications. With 25-watt power the GMR25 can reach out to 10-12 miles of range. Like the GMR2, the GMR25 is walkie-talkie compatible and easy to use. The included GMRS channels give you the ability to talk to all other GMRS and FRS radios from other manufacturers including Motorola, Midland, Uniden, and many more. The GMR25 kits include the necessary antenna, hand mic, and coax cable to get you talking right away. A built-in Rugged Ready Port gives you the ability to expand your radio capabilities by adding a Rugged intercom, headset, multi radio box, and many other Rugged accessories. Each Rugged GMR25 includes the waterproof GMR25 mobile radio, hand mic with Scosche Magic Mount, Scosche magnetic hand mic hanger, universal mounting bracket and hardware and a fused power cable. Kits with a standard or a compact antenna are available as well as an adventure pack that comes complete with a magnetic antenna and external waterproof speaker. Bolt-in Jeep and side-by-side specific radio kits and mounting brackets are also available.

05 Rugged Radio GMRS GMR45 Mobile Jeep Kit 1

If range is important to you the Rugged GMR45 is the radio you need. With 45 watts of power you’ll be able to reach out well beyond 20 miles away.

Rugged GMR45 Mobile GMRS Radio

For all-out base station radio horsepower and maximum range you’ll want to step into the Rugged GMR45. The GMR45 mobile radio punches out an impressive 45 watts of transmission power. Obviously more wattage equals more range, giving you the ability to transmit longer distances when it matters. Of course channels 1-7 are limited by the FCC for up to 5 watts for GMRS and channels 8-14 are limited to 0.5 watts of power on GMRS, however channels 15-22 allow for up to 50 watts of power. This is where the GMR45 mobile radio really shines. The 45 watts of power translates to radio ranges well over 20 miles. As with all Rugged GMRS radios, the GMR45 is completely compatible with other GMRS and FRS radios. Each GMR45 comes with a hand mic with a Scosche Magic Mount, a Scosche magnetic hand mic hanger, a universal mounting bracket with hardware and a fused power cable. Complete kits with a standard or a compact Stealth antenna are available. Direct bolt-in Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT specific kits are also available.