Almost every aspect of the Jeep JL has been improved, re-engineered, or evolved compared to the Jeep JK. It is not a massive leap forward, but the JL is definitely a nice evolution over the previous generation Wrangler. Jeep engineers spent a lot of time figuring out what could be improved upon and did just that.

Not every single area of the JL is better than the JK though. The bulbous factory exhaust is in the exact same smash-prone location as the JK. That might not seem like a big deal for those that never use their JL on the trail. But for those that do, the factory JL exhaust is in a perfect spot to get speared by a rock.

Thankfully, there are lots of solutions to that problem in the form of a different exhaust. Magnaflow offers six different ones for the JL alone. All of them use 2.5-inch stainless steel tubing and feature a limited lifetime warranty. And all of them offer better clearance than the factory setup. If you are looking to maximize clearance, the Off Road Pro Series entirely relocates the muffler to a better location that is out of harm’s way. It also provides the most aggressive sound on the outside with a moderate volume level inside the Jeep. The Street Series (pictured) is great for those looking a quieter system. It keeps the muffler in the factory location but replaces it with a smaller, more compact one. Dual exhaust tips exit out the back and the system is available in black or polished. It combines style, a better exhaust sound, and more clearance in an easy-to-install system.