Air springs are a great addition for anyone that tows or hauls heavy loads. Without them, your rig’s rear suspension can do some serious sagging. This can cause your headlights to blind other drivers at night. Even worse, it can make your vehicle’s handling a handful and seemed unbalanced when loaded. Air springs sort all that out by allowing you to fine-tune the load carrying ability of your vehicle. And, you can easily adjust how level your truck or SUV is too. They are a time-proven solution to sagging suspension.

Firestone and its Ride-Rite line are well known when it comes to air springs. It pioneered the first Airide Air Spring way back in 1938. Obviously, a lot has changed in the last 80 years. One of Firestone’s latest products comes with its very own app. The new Firestone Ride-Rite Wireless Air Command Kit with App can be controlled entirely through an app that works on either Apple or Android phones. It communicates to the compressor via Bluetooth, making it simple to adjust air pressure with the tap of a finger. The app also comes with built-in self-diagnostics and shows voltage, compressor status, Bluetooth connection strength, and other parameters. It allows for automatic ECU firmware updates as well.

Included with the system is a Firestone air compressor. Its compact size lets it be mounted in a variety of locations. The two-wire hookups makes for less wiring headaches along with an easy installation. The compressor will work with most air spring kits with ¼-inch lines and comes with everything needed for a clean install. All you will for a complete system is air springs and mounts for your specific vehicle.