Bigger tires and a lift are usually the first modifications to go on a Jeep. A more flexible suspension can make a world of difference in the dirt. The increase in traction, puncture resistance, and ground clearance that comes with bigger, better tires increases capability on the trail even more. Both allow you to get way further down the trail than a stock Jeep ever could.

Start pushing the limits of your Jeep on the trail and the need for better bumpers also becomes clear. The factory bumpers are somewhat flimsy pieces and not built to bash on. Come off an obstacle wrong or hit a rock and they will fold faster than the French army. A beefier bumper will do a much better job of protecting your Jeep on the trail.

Thankfully, there are a ton of options when it comes to upgrading the bumpers on the Jeep Wrangler JL. One that caught our eye recently is the full-width option from Body Armor. Built from 3/16-inch steel plate, the bumper is stout enough to protect the nose of your Jeep JL. It also makes a great place to mount a winch and can handle up to a 12,000 lb. one. Mounts for the factory fog lights are built-in along with two welded D-ring mounts. An optional grille guard and a skid plate are also available. We like how the full-width design lines up perfectly with the factory flares. If a full-width bumper isn’t your jam, Body Armor makes a mid-width stubby giving you another option.