Driving a Jeep with the doors and top on during summer is like non-alcoholic beer. It simply doesn’t make any sense. Jeep designed the Wrangler so that the top and doors come off easily. It is the only four-door convertible in North America that you can quickly convert to a doorless convertible. If you don’t take advantage of that, you are letting down countless Jeep engineers, the families that depend on them, and possibly the rest of America.

Running sans doors does have some big plusses. Besides a great way to enjoy warm summer temperatures, it also yields a lot more visibility while on the trail. And it saves around 200 pounds as well. That might not seem like a lot, but every pound helps when you have a minivan engine under the hood.

The drawback of being completely doorless is that you can feel a bit too exposed. With nothing to protect you, anything can make its way to your face or body. That is where a quality set of trail doors comes in handy. They offer protection while still allowing for that open-air driving experience that only a Jeep can provide.

One of the latest to hit the market is from Body Armor 4×4 for the Jeep JL. The Body Armor Trail Doors use steel tube construction along with steel gusset plates. Their hidden internal latch mechanisms help to give a clean look. Coated with a dual process black powder coat finish, they are finished off with nylon webbing. A padded armrest is also included to rest weary arms. The Body Armor 4×4 Trail Doors are designed to have a tight fit to the body and be rattle free. They also fit the new Jeep Gladiator for those who want a doorless truck.