Photography: HighRev Photo And Mint 400

Usually, we roll our eyes when someone wants to share their photos with us from a trip to Las Vegas. We have already seen plenty of photographs of all the crappy clubs, overpriced drinks, swanky hotel rooms, skanky outfits, and how much you ate at the buffet. Maybe we are a bit jaded, but none of that is interesting to us. Been there, done that.

This wasn’t the typical trip to Las Vegas that turns into a low-budget reenactment of The Hangover though. That is because the 2019 Mint 400 was in town all week long. There were non-stop parties on Fremont Street, the pit crew competition, a parade of race vehicles right down the world-famous Strip, and tons of action at the time trials. The week ended with racers heading out to do battle on some of the roughest desert terrain there is in hopes of winning The Mint 400. Much like Shark Week, Mint Week has become one of our favorite times of the year.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it to Las Vegas to check out all the action. Thankfully, there were plenty of photographers on hand to capture all the action. And these were photo albums that we actually wanted to check out. We sifted through their countless photos and narrowed them down to our top picks. Check out our favorite images from this year’s Mint 400 race. Viva Las Vegas!