While it may seem simple, building a vehicle can be surprisingly difficult. We aren’t just talking about the amount of effort it takes to install a suspension or other parts. Sure, all of that takes time. But what can be even more difficult is knowing when to stop. Slap way too many parts on a vehicle, or choose the wrong ones, and the results can be downright gaudy. There is a thin line between a cleanly-built vehicle that looks awesome, and one that is over-accessorized with every widget imaginable. Often the biggest deciding factor between building something great or gaudy is a clear vision on what the end result should be.

That’s why when we saw this 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 we did a double take. It was extremely clean, looked great, and was still functional. There wasn’t a bunch of frivolous modifications hanging off it. This sexy Sierra has everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. The vehicular equivalent of an In And Out burger: it is simple, uncomplicated, yet oh so tasty.

The reason for this simple but tasty result is that the GMC was built to be that way. Owned by Marco Alvarez, manager of 4 Wheel Parts’ Redondo Beach, CA store, the Sierra serves as his daily driver. In stock form, it is one luxurious ride filled with leather seats, a big infotainment center, plenty of space and power. However, being the manager of 4 Wheel Parts store with a bone stock truck is like running a Bass Pro Shops but hating the outdoors. It just doesn’t make much sense, so upgrades were in order.

While planning the modification of his truck, Alvarez was well aware that this is his daily driver. It has to get him to work every day, out to the desert on the weekends, and still serve as comfortable transport for him and his family. Therefore, there would be no giant lifts, noisy trail-only tires, or insane horsepower additions. A broken truck or one that isn’t nice to drive would be of no use to him. Instead, it had to be a clean build that was comfortable on the road, and more capable in the dirt than stock. The results speak for themselves. This is definitely one clean and mean machine.