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How She 4 Wheels: Sabrina Petitt – Store Manager, 4WP Odessa TX

I’ve never really thought about why the off-road world means so much to me until recently. There’s something about it that just brings peace to me. While there are still rules to be followed, there’s still so much freedom within the sport and hobby to be had. There’s a difference between being in an off-road park and going somewhere just because you can. The main thing that ties everything together – family and friends. 

This passion of mine has so many wonderful aspects that it’s no wonder why it’s so addicting. I have been places and seen so many beautiful things that many people would never dream of. I have made friends that I now call family and couldn’t imagine life without them. I have not only pushed the limits of my rig, but pushed the limits of myself and have come out stronger and the best part, I am never alone in doing so.

This past summer, I had one of the biggest milestones in my off-road adventures after conquering one of the most extreme and breathtaking trails in Colorado – Black Bear Pass. I had been on the trail before as a spotter, walking the majority of it, but as a driver ­– there was so much more to it. Black Bear Pass can be very intimidating in certain areas and in all honesty, it really got to me. I began to stress my capabilities as a driver and even brought myself to tears. The people around me really brought me back to myself. They calmed me down and reminded me to just concentrate, listen to sound of my tires and think about the way the land would move below me with the weight of my rig.

With all the support in the world of my family and friends behind me in that moment, I centered myself and continued along the path. When I got to the bottom and looked back at the mountain I had just descended, I had so much more respect for myself, my rig, the land around me and the people I was with.

It’s moments like these that make this hobby a passion. I use that moment to look forward to the next obstacle and remind myself that with help, patience and concentration I can wheel almost anything (within the limits of my rig of course). I don’t just use that experience on the dirt; I live it in my everyday life. It still pushes me every day to overcome the hard times and think about the success and pride I feel when I overcome those trials.

The community of this world is also something I cherish deeply. The people within become more than just acquaintances you meet periodically on the trail or in a park. They become dear friends that are willing to help you out in a bind, someone to call for advice or just load up to head to the next great adventure. These people become a chosen family that will stick together to make sure everyone makes it out. They are all from different walks of life, but with the same passion that brings everyone together.

It’s also the reason I love my job so much. On a daily basis I get to help people build their truck, Jeep or 4×4 for whatever reason they want. Helping them choose what’s right for them is a big part of what makes my job special. The smile on their faces reminds me of the joy I felt when building my own rig in the garage with my husband.

Of course my job isn’t always easy – but the challenges that come with it help me learn to be a better person. In truth, I’m always the most excited when I’m helping a female customer. There are not very many of us women in the off-road community and I wish there was more. In my job and position, I hope to inspire more women to join this crazy lifestyle. So many are afraid of judgement and what others might be thinking. I was there once myself – but I can honestly say that there are so many more people who are willing to teach and guide you through the processes with arms wide open and smiles on their faces.

The sisterhoods and bonds that are created around this hobby are not only beautiful, but strong and lifelong. It is my personal goal to try and open the eyes of others to this crazy and wonderful adventure, and I’m so glad to have a company that supports me in doing it. While there’s so many more reasons to love being off-road, these are the ones that make it all worth it.

Dozer is my German Shepherd and the one who I ride with the most.

How She 4 Wheels

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