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EV Trucks – What’s Next For Electric Powered Trucks in 2023?

It seems that the electric vehicle market has been kicked into overdrive. Suddenly, manufacturers who didn’t plan on having an EV in their lineups are talking about plans to go all-electric within a few years. In fact, some manufacturers have pledged to totally phase out internal combustion vehicles within ten years or so. According to Forbes, Bentley plans to go all-EV by 2030, as will Cadillac, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo. Mercedes-Benz is also toying with the 2030 deadline, although they haven’t gone concrete with it.

Of course, pickup trucks haven’t escaped the EV push either, with many popular brands already having released or planning to release electrified variants of their truck nameplates as early as the 2023 model year. Let’s see why electric pickups are becoming the next hot thing, what you can expect in terms of features, and the best electric trucks you can buy now or in the near future. And if you’re thinking of customizing or enhancing your electric pickups, 4 Wheel Parts will definitely have a great range of products for you to consider.

10 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country

Why Electric Pickups Are On The Rise

Much like electric sedans, SUVs, and sports cars, the electric movement extends to pickups. There are a few reasons why electric pickups are on the rise, with manufacturers actively developing electric variants of their existing nameplates or creating new ones. Let’s look at some of those reasons.

Firstly, electric pickups offer the same benefit as any electric vehicle in the shape of eco-friendliness. They do not emit pollutants from a tailpipe, as there is no tailpipe. Of course, there’s a caveat in that the electricity that they use to charge their batteries may be generated from traditional fossil fuel power plants fired by coal, oil, or gas. Still, since rooftop solar systems are gaining traction, you could charge your pickup truck directly from the sun or another green energy source. 

Secondly, the nature of electric motors and their instantaneous torque delivery makes them exceptional for utilitarian purposes, such as the load-lugging that a pickup truck tends to be used for. In fact, an electric motor develops maximum torque from zero RPM, just as its shaft begins to spin. That’s why almost all modern railway locomotives use electric motors, even if they are fed energy from diesel engines and generators.

Thirdly, maintenance on an electric vehicle is less than on an internal combustion-engined one. There are no air and fuel filters to replace, catalytic converters to check, or engine and transmission oils to be changed. The number of moving parts in an electric vehicle’s powertrain can be as low as ten, compared to over a hundred in an internal combustion engine. This makes electric vehicles supremely maintenance-friendly.

Finally, you can enjoy great performance. That instantaneous torque means that you can rocket smartly off the line way before an internal combustion engine can get its turbochargers spooled up. While straight-line performance isn’t a characteristic one would consider paramount in a truck, it’s nice to know that you can still come out on top in the traffic light chase.

09 2022 Chevy Silverado Interior

Features To Expect In New Electric Trucks

Electric trucks are coming with some neat features that are enabled by the presence of multiple electric motors. One of the most awaited is the ‘Crab Walk’ premiered by the 2022 Hummer EV. This allows four-wheel steering in the same direction, allowing the Hummer EV to travel much like a crab walking diagonally. It may be considered a gimmick, but it can be helpful to get in and out of tight spots. 

Another cool feature that is enabled by electric motors is the tank turn. The Rivian R1T was the first electric truck to preview this, and it simply uses the motors on each wheel and spins them in different directions to allow the R1T to pirouette in place, with an effectively zero-radius turning circle. Ford wants in on the tank turn action with the F-150 Lightning too.

Bi-directional load capability is another neat thing that electric trucks can do, which means that they can power your house during a power outage, or provide mains power when you’re out and about, acting as a power bank.

Pickup trucks tend to suffer from one issue with luggage security that’s their exposed beds. However, electric trucks don’t need a stonking internal combustion engine upfront, and there are models which come with a front trunk or ‘frunk’, giving you a nice, lockable, and enclosed luggage space.

03 Dan McMillin AWD Trophy Truck 23 2020 Baja 500

Best Electric Truck Brands

So, what’s coming up in the electric truck space? Quite a bit, actually. We’ve compiled a list of electric trucks that you can buy right now or in the near future. Let’s dive right in.



The Ford F-150 Lightning is due to go on sale very soon. It’s got twin motors for a total of either 426 or 563 hp, and 775 lb-ft of torque. Starting at $41,000, there are models all the way up to the top-tier Platinum Extended Range at $92,000.


Then GMC Hummer EV signals the rebirth of the Hummer brand for the 21st century. Costing between $79,000 and $110,000, the top range model reportedly packs 1,000hp and leaps to 60 mph from rest in just three seconds!

The GMC Sierra EV hits lots sometime in 2023, and will range between $55,000 and $75,000. Power outputs aren’t known, but there are said to be single and twin motor set-ups, plus a much-hyped tri-motor performance model on the horizon.


Chevrolet’s Silverado EV is a little way off, with a 2024 release date, but it can pack up to 664hp and will likely range between $42,000 and $107,000 depending on trim and spec. There’s also a Trail Boss trim that makes it a pretty serious off-roader from the factory.


Rivian’s R1T is the only truck offered from a lesser-known manufacturer since Tesla’s Cybertruck hasn’t got a definite release date yet. Ranging between $79,000 and $85,000, this truck packs up to 835hp via a quad-motor setup, and a 0–60 mph time in the mid three seconds on the top trims. 

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