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01 maxxis razr lead photo

Cutting Edge Performance From The Maxxis RAZR AT and MT Tires

Photos by Harry Wagner and courtesy of the manufacturer

Maxxis is a legendary brand in the rockcrawling, mountain biking, and drift car communities, but did you know that they make tires for your 4×4 as well? The Maxxis RAZR AT and Maxxis RAZR MT are perfectly suited to Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs used for everything from daily driving to hardcore wheeling. Like most great companies, Maxxis started small. Founded in 1967, Maxxis International began as a manufacturer of bicycle tires. Growing steadily, Maxxis eventually became the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world. In the ensuing decades, Maxxis has expanded into new markets, offering products for motorcycles, 4x4s, light trucks, UTVs, race karts, trailers, and more.

02 maxxis razr at

The Maxxis RAZR AT is available in a wide variety of sizes up to 40-inches tall for rim sizes ranging from 15-inches all the way up to 24-inches to fit everything from stock Jeeps to lifted 3/4 ton trucks, and everything in between.  All sizes are packed full of technology that minimizes the compromises between trail prowess and street manners, making your next tire decision an easy one.  


03 maxxis razr mt

The Maxxis RAZR MT is available in a variety of sizes up to 40-inches tall for rim sizes ranging from 15-inches all the way up to 24-inches in load ranges from C to E.  The Maxxis RAZR MT is M+S All-Season rated, with siped tread blocks to evacuate water and resist hydroplaning. 

04 maxxis razr at

Maxxis RAZR AT tires balance smooth, quiet on road handling with aggressive looks that are backed up with surprisingly capable traction off-road. Speaking of “balance”, the RAZR AT requires very little weight to balance thanks to industry leading quality control measures.

Maxxis RAZR AT

Does your heart want a mud-terrain but your head is telling you to buy an all-terrain tire? Look no further than the Maxxis RAZR AT. They are the perfect choice for a vehicle that is driven on the street during the week and used to escape city traffic and cell service on the weekends. From its bold sidewall design to its advanced new tread pattern, the RAZR AT possesses the cutting-edge performance that Maxxis tires are famous for. The aggressive sidewall design maximizes sidewall traction and puncture resistance, providing confidence on the trail.

05 maxxis razr at

The tread pattern in the RAZR AT features 3D tread blocks and bridge reinforcements to minimize noise and irregular wear. The RAZR AT also features an innovative dual-cord casing design that improves casing strength to deliver excellent ride comfort and durability.

06 maxxis razr at

The Maxxis RAZR AT is Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certified, making it the ideal tire for daily driving and weekend adventure, all year long. Maxxis even offers a 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for LT sizes and a 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for P-metric sizes.

07 maxxis razr mt

The Maxxis RAZR MT was developed using technology that Maxxis has gained through their off-road racing program. From the dual-cord casing to the tear resistant compound, the RAZR MT benefits from years of research and development in the crucible of off-road competition.

Maxxis RAZR MT

Maxxis loaded the RAZR MT with innovative features such as dual-cord casing ply technology with intertwined, reinforced fibers that dramatically improves the casing strength for unmatched durability, even under harsh conditions. To improve driving refinement, the RAZR MT features an all-new tread design with minimized pattern noise, allowing the driver to focus on the road ahead. This makes the RAZR MT ideal for vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler, which are refined and quiet on the street but possess incredible trail prowess as well. The RAZR MT also features a new tread compound with new chemical fillers for improved tear and chip resistance that allows Maxxis to offer a 40,000 mile tread life warranty.

The innovative sidewall design of the RAZR MT actually became part of the tread surface when used off-road at low air pressure, when the tire’s dual-cord casing ply technology works its magic. Low air pressure can be an issue for weaker tires, but the armored sidewall of the RAZR MT also offers puncture resistance to the already formidable tire.

08 maxxis razr mt

The symmetrical tread design of the RAZR MT means that they back up just as well as they go forward, and you can rotate the tires from side to side and front to back to maximize the life from your RAZR MTs.

09 maxxis razr mt

The 3D tread blocks of the Maxxis RAZR MT provide plenty of biting edges to continue forward momentum, even when traction is at a premium. With so many new technologies, the RAZR MT is the perfect weapon to unleash your vehicle’s potential.