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Smittybilt’s Gen2 Overlander tent uses 600d heavy-duty rip stop polyester material for a waterproof and polyurethane-impregnated top wrapped around anodized aluminum tent poles. The lightweight, waterproof 420d oxford rainfly adds an additional layer of protection, and the memory foam mattress ensures a great night sleep. When not in use, the heavy-duty 1040gsm, 2000d PVC cover protects your tent from mud and dust on the trail.

Cheapest Overlanding Must-Haves – Starting at $10!

Think of overland gear and accessories, and the big stuff typically comes to mind: comprehensive aftermarket upgrades for your truck or off-roader that make it tougher, stronger, and more capable in the rough stuff. Naturally, you’ll think of wheels, tires, suspension, bumpers, tonneau covers, lights, performance upgrades, brake upgrades, steering upgrades, extra fuel tanks, roof-mounted tents, and more. 

Of course, you’re looking at three- to four-figure price tags for these, especially if they are from renowned brands. Don’t sweat it, though. There are plenty of cost-effective options for improving your overlanding experience that fit a variety of popular brands and models. So, if you’re seeking Jeep overland gear, for example, there’s bound to be something for you at 4 Wheel Parts. And the prices may surprise you too, with the cheapest starting at just $10! 

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Top Affordable Overlanding Accessories

Overlanding accessories needn’t cost a ton of money. Here are some that are very affordable and will enrich your overlanding experience.

Smittybilt 2.54CFM Air Compressor 2780

This universal application air compressor from Smittybilt is a great starter air compressor, with a very wallet-friendly price of just $112.49 after a discount. Sure, you can find air compressors elsewhere for much less, but maintaining proper tire pressure is one area you can’t skimp on. Smittybilt is a reputed name in off-road circles, and this model comes with a 24-foot hose, ensuring you can reach every tire on your off-roader. It’s got a 40-minute run time which is ample, and a thermal cutout ensures you don’t burn it out accidentally.

Smittybilt R.A.D Rapid Air Deflator 2823

There are circumstances where you need to deflate your tires in order to increase their contact patch, and this $35.99 Smittybilt deflator is ideal. Its fully-geared precision movement allows you to deflate tires easily, with 1PSI increments showing on the dial.

Napier Camping Chair 48500

Need a place to park your derriere and sip a cold soda? This Napier Camping Chair comes in at a mere $19.99 and offers an eye-catching blue color, built-in mesh cup holder, and easily folds into a compact bag with strap for carrying.

Recon LED Flashlight 264FL1BK

A flashlight is an essential piece of kit to keep in your vehicle even if you rarely see an off-road trail. This Recon model costs just $9.99 and offers a 100-lumen light output from its 1-watt LED. It’s also got a built-in red laser for pointing duties.

Vertically Driven Products Road Chill Cooler (Navy) 901

Everyone wants a chilled popor similar beverage when slugging it out on the trails, and this $10.99 offering from Vertically Driven Products may hold just two cans, but it’s small size still includes an insulated divider for food, zippered storage, and an outside pouch too.

Scosche GoBat 2600mAh 3 in 1 Power Bank With Emergency Flashlight PCB71

This neat offering from Scosche offers a 2600mAh power bank with an emergency flashlight in a compact package that costs just $18.01. The dual LED flashlight can also output up to 7.5 watts to your mobile device, allowing you to charge it when miles from the nearest power point.

01 Wilco ADV SL Pickup Truck Overland Bed Rack Cargo Storage

The Right Time To Upgrade Your Overland Gear

When’s the best time to upgrade your overland gear? This is a tricky question for many. Should you simply splash out on the biggest, brightest, and most expensive, or play it safe? Well, for starters, consider your requirement in a realistic fashion. Are you an ardent and seasoned enthusiast who hits the trails every weekend, or an occasional amateur who relishes a sojourn from civilization once every couple of months or so? 

Figure out your fundamental requirement and purchase gear that matches it as closely as possible. That way, you won’t overspend nor purchase inadequate kit. Once you get into the field, you will identify the gaps, and at that point, there’s another decision to be made. For example, you may have purchased an air compressor, but find that it takes 10 minutes to inflate a tire. Seriously consider whether you want to buy an upgraded compressor that can do the same job in eight minutes, or whether that additional two minutes is worth the wait to save spending more money. We are in tough economic times, after all.

If you find that your current gear is getting a bit long in the tooth, displaying issues relating to functionality, or simply unable to perform to your requirements in a proper and safe manner, it’s time to upgrade.

Overlanding has definitely become somewhat trendy. While we don’t have the time or money to go to the tip of South America, we are all about getting out of the office, camping and exploring.

How To Find Quality Gear For The Right Price

Finding quality gear for the right price is a critical element. On the one hand, you can find cheap equipment at a myriad of online outlets, including from private sellers on eBay, but these items may be of questionable quality or be used products masqueraded as new. Furthermore, unscrupulous sellers may not even dispatch the item after you’ve paid. This can also happen with more expensive items, where you will receive something of cheaper quality or, once again, be left out of pocket.

The safest way is to purchase from a legitimate brick-and-mortar store like 4 Wheel Parts or visit the website and make online purchases. That way, you are sure that you will get what you pay for, with applicable warranties and after-sales service.

Be wary of online retailers who are difficult to contact, do not list a physical address, or seem to be of dubious repute. Reading third-party reviews from customers is a great way to vet out these parties.

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Get It All At 4 Wheel Parts

4 Wheel Parts is one of the best retailers of all things off-road and overlanding. You can find pretty much anything you can think of. With over 90 stores nationwide, there’s bound to be a brick-and-mortar location closer to you than you think, so why not pay a visit? If you’re the sort who prefers shopping from your smartphone or computer, simply hit up 4 Wheel Parts and browse the entire range at your leisure. With six strategically located distribution centers, your purchases will be at your doorstep in a shockingly short time period. Add a comprehensive warranty and expert after-sales service, and what’s not to like. Want more? How about a price-matching offer as well! Isn’t that neat?