Challenges are something we all face in life. Whether it is work-related, personal, or something else, life has a funny way of throwing obstacles into our paths. When that happens, there are usually two options. One is to roll over, admit defeat, and fall back to a comfortable, known place in life. The other option is to rise up, grab that challenge by the throat, and take it on full force. There is never a guarantee of success, but life doesn’t hand out participation trophies. You have to put in hard work to overcome challenges and push ahead.

As President and CEO of 4WP, Craig Scanlon is used to facing plenty of challenges. He confronts them every day as he guides a near billion-dollar company to success. Craig isn’t just a businessman in a suit that never comes out of his office though. In fact, he is more comfortable in a racing suit behind the wheel of his Polaris RZR desert racecar. Like business, racing presents constant obstacles that you have to figure out how to overcome. And, just like in business, if you don’t rapidly solve the problems put in your path, you will get left behind.

One of the biggest challenges in Scanlon’s racing career has been the Best In The Desert Mint 400. Sure, he has finished the notoriously rough and car-destroying race before, but it hasn’t been easy, nor has it always been successful. Not one to admit defeat or back away from a challenge, Craig decided to double down for this year’s Mint 400. Instead of just taking on 400 miles of whooped-out course just outside of Las Vegas in his RZR in the morning Pro-UTV race, he will also be setting out on the course again in the afternoon race in a Spec Trophy Truck 6100. The bold move effectively changes The Mint 400 into The Mint 800.

Can Scanlon survive 800 miles of brutal desert terrain? Honestly, we don’t know, as it will be a massive undertaking. But with significant challenges come big rewards and a chance of personal redemption. The Dirt has been embedded with Craig since the beginning of his quest and will be bringing you the full story. Check out this first episode of Chasing The Mint 800 and stay tuned all week as more episodes drop along with live coverage of the race.

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