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Best LED Headlights for 2023

Your car headlights are a safety feature. Whether you’re off-roading in a nearby forest or driving late on the highway, selecting the right headlights to illuminate your path is key. Halogen lights, typically the base lighting choice for many vehicles, have weaker illumination. However, car LED lights are much brighter and, in some cases, may have an even higher use-life than other bulbs. 

Below we’ll discuss how you can choose the right LED headlights for your car or truck and some products to choose from. 

03 ARB Intensity Solis LED Driving Light Kit

How to Choose LED Headlights 

All LED lights are not made equal. Each type and brand may have its own characteristics that may meet your preferences. Here are a few aspects to consider as you select LED headlights: 

  • Brightness – LED lights come in a variety of different color temperatures. Be sure to read the Kelvin reading (which measures color temperature). The lower the Kelvin number is, the more yellow and duller the light. On the other hand, a higher Kelvin number means a whiter and more vibrant glow. For example, a candle will typically measure about 2,220 Kelvin, whereas commercial lighting fixtures typically give off a Kelvin of around 6,500K. Even higher numbers, like 8,000K appear blue. Determine which one fits your preference. 
  • Space – LED lights take up more space in vehicles than halogen lights. Ensure you have the room within your car or truck’s exterior structure to house those lights. 
  • Beam type – There are two types of LED lights: dual beam and single beam. The former means the bulb supports high and low-beam light. The latter requires two different bulbs for each light. Find out which beam system you want to deal with and which your car can support. 
  • Cost – LED headlights for trucks can range in price from around $20 to over $100. However, this price is typically the bulb itself. The actual headlights can range from a couple hundred to over $1,000, depending on the brand and style. It’s likely that you’ll have to make a trade-off between brightness and price. 
03 ARB Intensity Solis LED Driving Light Kit

The Best LED Headlights for 2023 

Here are some of our picks for the best car LED lights to add to your list: 

Oracle Lighting LED Bulb Headlight Conversion Kit – 5236-001

The Oracle Lighting LED Bulb offers 6000K in brightness. The light from these bulbs will prove handy during off-roading. But they also have a minimum output of 4,000K, so you can dial down the brightness if you’re in a residential area. These lights come with a practical DIY installation and a two-year warranty. 

Putco Nitro 360 Fog Light Bulbs (White/Yellow) – 7700H8-360

This dual LED light pair is set to support robust lighting conditions in a variety of conditions. Not only does it have the standard white-colored 6000K lighting, but it also includes a 3000K amber-colored illumination that can guide you through more challenging conditions like fog. You can also enjoy a 360-pattern for peripheral lighting. This product offers a lot of flexibility for those with varied lighting preferences. 

RECON LED Headlight Bulbs – 264H8LED

It pays to have options, and the RECON LED headlight bulbs offer another solid alternative for car LED lights. These high-powered LED lights come in a single beam with a 6,000 Kelvin-measured light. This product is a universal fit, so regardless of the make or model of the vehicle, these headlights should get the job done. 

Oracle Lighting H11 LED Headlight Bulbs (Pair) – 5235-001

In addition to straightforward installation and instant start-up features, these 6000k headlights also include a self-cooling mechanism. They are engineered to last with fewer points of failure and non-glare elements. If you only need lights and don’t need to convert your car headlight system (like Oracle’s first entry here), these Oracle headlights should be on your list. 

RECON LED Bulbs – 264217WHHP

Not all LED light bulbs are expensive. These RECON LED bulbs prove that you can still get some quality at an affordable price. What they lack in wattage (3 watts) they make up for in a lifespan of up to 80,000 hours. These bulbs also offer a universal fit. Even though you’ll likely lack some of the luminosity compared to more powerful and expensive options, these bulbs are still worth your consideration. 

Morimoto XB LED Headlights – LF532.2-ASM

While these headlights are on the pricier side, you are not only getting the bulb but also the entire headlight structure itself. These Morimoto headlights have a long-term lifespan, offer both intensity and widespread distribution of light, and include a UV-coated polycarbonate lens that cools and protects the Osram LED chips. These premium quality lights will likely ensure you don’t have to buy more LED headlights for trucks for a long time. 

JW Speaker Model 8800 Evolution 2 Low Beam Heated LED Headlights – 0551771

If you have a heavy-duty truck or would like a more affordable headlight option, then the JW Speaker Model low beam headlights might be a preference. These headlights are handy in cooler climates, as the headlights can rapidly de-ice lenses. With condensation management and the fact that they meet the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s guidelines for being 5-star NCAP-compliant for low beam headlights, this model is worth a look. 

Oracle Lighting Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights (Graphite Metallic Bezel) – 5839-504-PAU

Are you looking for optimal light projection and distribution? These Oracle projector headlights might be the answer. With 5,500K and a reasonably straightforward plug-and-play installation, these lights are a great alternative if you want to maintain your truck’s style, but pricier alternatives are not an option. This product option also will be less of a strain on your electrical system since it requires lower power consumption.

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Final Thoughts 

LED headlights are an excellent way to increase the overall safety of your vehicle. They increase your visibility, and depending on the model, they might be a stylish upgrade. Whether you need the entire headlight system or just a bulb, the 4 Wheel Parts team has various car LED lights to meet your luminosity preferences. Check out what else we’ve got in our inventory today.