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VIAIR Tire Gauges

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Great attachment for your compressor

Works great. Works to air up and down. Great fit to both the hose and valve stems, only down side is that it’s graduated by 5’s, it would be nice to have it marked by 2’s

By Ted K. from Tn | 7/17/20  
Great gauge

Works great, heavy duty. I use for my motorhome tires 110 psi makes it fast and easy

By Scott T from Fallon Nevada | 5/26/20  
Heavy quality product!

Nice product. reads lower pressures. great for airing down tires. heavy duty

By Dugfab from Salt Lake City | 2/23/11  
Accurate and compact

Would be great if it had a rubberized cover for the gauge part in case you drop it.

By TH from Rancho Cucamonga, CA | 12/5/10  
"I would buy this product again"

I like it and use it all the time 5 stars

By tyty from WA | 11/11/10  
under pressure

I wanted a pressure gauge that would allow me to accurately air down my tires to 8psi for off-roading. This gauge gives accurate readings, but it's difficult to read since you have to do so while it's pressed onto the air valve. As soon as you remove the gauge, the dial returns to zero. It would be better if the dial stayed at the last pressure that was measured so you could remove it from the valve to more easily read it--and then hit a reset button to return the dial to zero.

By Homer from Alameda, CA | 7/26/10  
Viair Tire Guage

Nice guage that will give an accuratte reading when you are aired-down.

By bwquan from Riverside, CA | 3/25/10