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Rugged Ridge D-Ring Shackles

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Poor quality in powder coating

Purchased this for a gift and it's horrible quality. Opened the box to find huge chips in the powder coating have rubbed off down to the original silver. Very disappointed.

By K. Smith | 11/22/21  
Can never have enough D’s in the Bag!

Purchased to put in recovery bag. Decent price and quality

By Anonymous from Wisconsin | 6/5/21  
Yep it's a D Ring

Pretty basic I mean it's a D ring, why do I have a minimum of 50 characters to describe a shackle?

By Joe F from Tn | 7/1/20  
Because Pink Makes You Go Faster!!!

There PINK & Pink Makes Ya Go Faster!! By simply adding Rugged Ridges Pink Shackles it’s very well known in the industry that a pink shackle just one not two has been known to increase horsepower by 13Hp ( +or- 1Hp Depending on application) So simply by adding a set of Rugged Ridge Pink Shackles your ride is guaranteed a minimum of 26Hp And even the ladies want to increase horsepower

By Bones from Wolseley, Saskatchewan Canada. | 6/21/20  
Worth the money

Easy to install. Great quality finish for the price

By Cole from Elkton va | 5/19/20  
Chinese Junk

Cheap Chinese Junk! 2 different sets and treads are either sloppy and dont tighten or warped and won't back out.

By dcnpc from Tn | 5/19/20  
Great product

Great product, powder coat finish is outstanding! Looks good against the black bumper and very strong

By West Texas offroader from Odessa Texas | 5/18/20  
Great Shackles

These are some awesome shackles that I enjoy having on my custom built front bumper. They are nice and beefy and very large. Just keep in mind that the diameter of the screw is larger than 3/4”. Pros: • Great color • Rugged and beefy appearance •High load rating Cons •Paint rubs off quickly

By MacDee from Frisco, TX | 1/22/19  
7/8 Rugged ridge shackel

Awesome product for the price. These shackles are massive! There needs to be more details such as the center bolt. I was under the impression that it was 7/8 but it was really 1 1/8 so I had to drill out my tabs, but all in all I'm more than happy. These shackles could be used on big rigs. There huge! I'm defiantly sitisfyed.

By Archie 831 from Durango Colorado | 9/11/15  
3/4 D-rings

FYI. These are 3/4 d-rings and therefore have a 7/8 pin (not 3/4 pin as listed in the technical details)

By Just Empty Every Pocket from Utah | 5/26/15  
Wrong pin size--Should be listed as 1"

The shackle is 7/8" thick, but the center pin is 1". Returned them since they didn't fit my application.

By 2000 TJ from Temecula, CA | 2/20/13