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Worth their weight in gold

I bought a different brand but found out they were completely unassembled! I returned them and bought these instead. The two front lowers weigh as much as the other brands front and back lowers. They are heavy duty! There are no installation instructions however which is a bummer. There are 6 small threaded nuts that I am not sure what they are for or where they go, but I'll hopefully find a youtube video on it.

By Wes G from Watertown, NY | 5/22/15  
Very heavy duty

Ordered the Rock Krawler joints due to the reputation. They have so far exceeded my expectations. Very easy install and they make setting your pinion angle a snap. Went out in the rocks with them the other day and where my stock control arms were sliding over the rocks these never touched. I'm very impressed with the build quality.

By Smokinlib1 from Vallejo, CA | 4/16/14