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The module that I purchased for my Ford 250 hd-xl with a 7.5 improved the engines breathing. I noticed it more on the highway when in 5th gear. Some of the hills that would cause me to down shift, my truck no longer knows those hills exist. Other than that the truck feels the same with a better idle and a little better throttle response. This module is not the only component I put on the truck to wake it up. The module did help some

By Manny G from Santa Fe , NM | 1/2/21  
94 Bronco 351 W 4 inch lift on 33s

My Bronco really lost a lot of power with the 33s so I added a K&N intake, Airaid TB spacer, pacesetter headers and a flowmaster exhaust and I really didnt feel any performance gains. I really didnt think this little chip would make such a difference, the throttle responce alone will pull you into your seat, accelaration is much better. I haven't noticed any mileage gains yet. Once I located the ECU under my hood installation took about 40 mins. Best power mod so far.

By BigVic from Phoenix, AZ | 5/23/12  
wasn't all i was hoping for

snappier off line definite power increase. However the fuel milage did not seem to change as I'd hoped for if any I would only reccommend this to someone who is only looking for a power increase, and not fuel milage.

By dailey driver from longview, wa | 3/20/12  
Not happy; didn't work when we got it.

We are not happy with this product, it didn't work when we got it and have called several times and noone has answered. Also, noone will call us back either. Very frustrated

By Carter from Ga | 3/30/10  

it was a living heck to clean the ECU car would not start when it did i drove a total of mabey one hour of driving in two days then it would stall every 10 seconds had to return it

By stephen from Houston,TX | 1/29/10