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Fabtech Upper Control Arm Kits

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Upper control arms For a 2010 Ford Sportrac XLT

It does not have a place for ball joint. The Ford Sportrack has a ball joint in the upper control arm

By Michael from Nashville TN | 12/9/21  
Fantastic upper arms

Fantastic set of arms. Corrected camber on a 3 inch lift. Very nice workmanship.

By JPullin from Orlando | 5/19/20  
Nice Quality UCAs

Use - will be mild off-roading. 2013 Silverado 4x4 Z71 with 18x8 +31 offset, 265/65/18 Bridgestone's. Front of the truck is lifted and measured at 2.6 inches over stock. Great things - Awesome piece nice welds and gussets. One is on the uniball joint where the two arms meet and extra gussets on the bushings sleeve. Some mods needed to be done though. Make sure you have a 1/2 inch drill bit. You will need to drill out the stock Chevy spindle for the Fabtech bolt pin to fit. This was easy and took little effort as the stock taper of the spindle is just a hair smaller than 1/2 inch. Then the bolt pin will drop right in. I was instructed to do from Fabtech support, it was not listed in the instructions. You will have to use your ingenuity on this step I'm sure you'll find something that works. Fabtech provides a "Brake line and ABS sensor" relocation bracket for both sides. The factory brake line is long enough so I didn't move that. At the factory mounting point is where the brake system hard line joins the flexible rubber line. I did not want to tug and bend the factory hard lines so I left them alone and mounted in the factory position. There is plenty of slack with the factory rubber brake line. The ABS sensor plug had to be relocated "this is where your ingenuity comes in" I modified "bent to submission" the provided Fabtech bracket to bolt up to the factory location. The factory tires do rub the front arm "The arm that's closest to the front bumper" when turning to full lock left or right. Its minor but just enough to smudge the paint off of the arm. The remedy for this is to get new wheels or at least a 1/4 inch wheel spacer. I bought new wheels, the size is 20x9 +14 offset. I tried a set at +20 offset with a 275/75/20 tire and it still rubbed but just barely, most wouldn't care and yes you would be fine but I didn't want any rubbing. Hope this helps the next person. Yes I'd by Fabtech. Best!

By 4Wheelin from Atlanta, GA | 5/29/15  
tubular uniball arms

added these to get my alignment back into specs for the street. it got caster into the green but not enough camber to get it to specs

By shane from vista | 8/8/14