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If you don’t choose to take your top off to install, unscrew the roof speakers and you can install the middle panel easily. The filler strips go into the grooves on the roof. Pretty easy install without taking the roof off.

By Anonymous from NC Mountains | 10/20/20  
Design Engineering Inc Boom Mat

One of the best installs I did was the sound deadening Boom Mat! world of difference in interior sound quality and also temperature control.

By DPalm from LA, CA | 5/18/20  
awesome product

Lowers db level , makes big difference when it's hot outside cools inside temperature if you have a hard top it's a must have

By chris H. from alabama | 3/15/14  
Best of the JK head liners!!

I researched all the products available and I'm very happy with the DEI Boom Mat. Easy to install the front, but you need to remove the top to install the two rear panels. No problem with a friend helping. I am very pleased with the results and the GREAT look. I know some like the other options, but you won't be disappointed with the Boom Mat! Much thicker material, and they will not fall off.

By Ken in AZ from Chandler Arizona | 3/2/14  
Works Great

I have a hard top on my 4 door Jeep, and in the heat this insulates the jeep and keeps it alot cooler. Can't wait to see how it works in winter.

By Haircut from Memphis,TN | 8/27/12  
What Jeep Should Have Done

The black plastic jeep top is hot and loud, and this headliner goes a long way towards solving those problems. The mat is sold as a sound deadening insulation, but I was more interested in thermal insulation. Before the headliner, 108 degree days in Mesa AZ made the Jeep uncomfortably hot, even with the A/C on max. The heat radiating from the roof was very noticeable. After the headliner, the Jeep was comfortable with the fan on the third click, and there was no baking feeling from the roof. Noise was noticeably reduced. The mats are very precisely cut to fit, and they have a nice finished look. The kit comes with foam fillers to stick in the roof ribs to level the roof for the mat, and I knocked one point off the rating because there was not quite enough foam to do the job. Only I would see the resulting little grooves in the finished mat, but even so. The instructions require removing the roof, but (one man job) I cheated and removed the sound bar, and removed the roof bolts and propped the front of the roof just high enough to be able to fit the mat over the rollbar. The adhesive is very strong, and I was sweating bullets while wrestling the mat overhead, but in the end it was fine.

By Rambler99 from Albuquerque NM | 5/29/12  
Excellent Quality and Easy to Install

This is a great headliner for a Jeep and helps cut down on noise, heat and cold. It is very easy to install (self-stick). The headliner is very thick and does exactly what it's designed to do. You will want to remove your hard top in order to install properly.

By Hemi 6.0 Rubicon from Dallas, TX | 4/17/12