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Hawaiaan Turtle Hitch Cover Review

Hi, this review is only for the hitch cover; not the store where purchased. The cover is fine and the "face" looks nice; BUT it sticks out of the hitch about 2 - 3 inches. I would have liked that it is more flush to where it is butted up against the hitch receiver. This sticks out if you use the hitch "pin" to lock it in so it doesn't accidentally fall out. I have it all the way inserted but now you have to be careful when using the trunk. You can easily scrape your shins since it sticks out so far. There is a much better chance of it getting hit by someone's car too. The part that inserts into the receiver is only two flat pieces of metal on the sides. This is not a 4 sided piece of metal; just the two vertical sides with two holes. The picture is not correct; there is no top or bottom. It makes it lighter but not as strong but I'm not too worried about it until someone hits it and it collapses to one side or the other. Otherwise the turtle looks just like the picture and you can face the head up or down; or even sideways but you won't be able to secure it with the hitch pin.

By RONSX from Sacramento, CA | 5/26/21  
Great product

Product is as described. Good quality. Shipping was a little slow but it got here!!

By Judger69 from Wake Forest, NC | 5/10/21  
Awesome!! Love it!

Ordered this online.... Convenience of picking it up was awesome (no shipping charge) and its very sturdy and strong and beautiful and I love it!! 100 percent.... I do recommend getting a "hitch lock" for it though..... Or it just sits there and can be stolen or possibly fall out? The hitch lock I also use for my bike rack so I can leave it on car when riding.....

By Chelselator from Torrance CA | 5/19/20  
Hitch Cover for Wife’s SUV

Performed as expected! Fit and Quality exceeded expectations at this price point. Would recommend this product

By Tim V. from Riverside Ca | 5/18/20  
Look at the STAR

This star is extremely awesome and very eye catching especialy if you need a touch of crome and don't know what to get.

By Chihuahua from Odessa, Texas | 9/27/10