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Skyjacker® Springs & Add-a-Leafs

Bring your Jeep up to your height standards with a set of springs or add-a-leafs. They give you the extra lift you need for additional components or larger tires and wheels, and they improve handling and stability without sacrificing ride quality. Choose from a variety of reliable options, including leaf springs, coil springs, add-a-leafs, axle shims, leaf spring plates, and leaf spring pads.

  • Leaf Springs

    A unique shot-peening process provides each individual Skyjacker Softride leaf spring with the strength necessary for the pressures of off-roading. The Jeep leaf springs are shot-peened with firm, high-velocity steel pellets. This compresses the surface of the American steel, which builds the leaf spring’s tensile strength and allows for increased wheel travel and ride quality. To get rid of friction, Skyjacker Softride leaf springs use bolt-style spring clips, unlike other springs that use inferior cinch-style bend clips that cause friction and binding. A tapering process allows for more flex on the ends of the Skyjacker leaf springs, which distributes the load more evenly and minimizes occurrences of one leaf digging into another. These springs are the final component of the Skyjacker suspension lift system.

  • Coil Springs

    Most people take their Jeeps off-roading on the weekend and then back on the highway for some daily weekday driving. To get the smooth handling you need in all types of conditions and terrains, install Skyjacker Softride Jeep coil springs.

  • Add-A-Leafs

    The shot-peening process makes Skyjacker add-a-leafs among the strongest on the market. As the front and rear add-a-leafs are pelted with firm, steel pellets shot at high velocity, the steel surface compresses to increase the leaf's tensile strength

  • Leaf Spring Axle Shims

    Installing Skyjacker leaf spring axle shims gives you the ability to adjust your Jeep pinion when necessary. Constructed of aluminum alloy, these Skyjacker axle shims are drilled with a hole for the center pin and available in several degrees.

  • Leaf Spring Plates

    Precision is required any time you add extra components to your Jeep. Make sure your springs are level with flat Skyjacker leaf spring plates.

  • Leaf Spring Pads

    To minimize the amount of friction that occurs between the leaves of your Jeep leaf spring, use Teflon Skyjacker leaf spring pads.

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