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Rubicon Express Suspension Parts & Accessories

When you're looking for Jeep suspension parts and accessories for your rig, there are none that can match Rubicon Express. Choose from a variety of great Jeep parts and accessories, including: radius arms, control arms, bushings, rod ends, coils, leaf springs, track, bars, sway bar disconnects, and fabricator bracketry. These Rubicon Express parts and accessories provide everything you need to get your Jeep off-road ready.

  • Rubicon Express Super-Flex Control Arms

    Get the enhanced durability and improved performance of the redesigned Rubicon Express control arms and bushings. On one end of this innovative design is a Super HD End Ring with PTMEG bushing, contoured by a CNC machine from .500" wall DOM tubing. On the other end is a Super-Flex rod end. With an 88A durometer rating, Super-Ride PTMEG bushings are among the strongest, longest lasting bushings on the market. These bushings will stay in place thanks to their center rib and shoulder design. If your Jeep requires high articulation, these Rubicon Express bushings and control arms are a great choice. They last a long time, they're easy to take care of, and they operate quietly. With their proven performance on the Baja 500 and Rubicon Trail, these Jeep parts will see you through any condition.

  • Rubicon Express Super-Flex Tubular Radius Arms

    Convert your factory 4-link Jeep suspension to a radius arm suspension by installing Rubicon Express front, rear, and lower radius arms on your Jeep JK. Made out of 2" x 1/4" wall chromoly, these long arms for your Jeep Wrangler JK are fully adjustable. On one end is a super HD end ring with PTMEG bushing, which features an 88A durometer rating to make it the strongest, longest lasting bushing available. This ring is contoured on a CNC machine out of .500" wall DOM tubing. It also features a center rib and shoulder design, which keeps it secure and steady in its place. On the other end of the radius arm is a Super-Flex rod end, which is perfect for high-articulation applications. Install these Rubicon Express radius arms for easy maintenance, long life, and quiet operation.

  • Rubicon Express Super Ride PTMEG Control Arm Bushings

    What makes Rubicon Express Super-Ride Bushings the strongest, longest lasting bushings on the market? They're made out of incredibly durable PTMEG (Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol) and feature an 88A durometer rating. You can install them, lubricate them, and service them all with ease, even if you're in the middle of a trail run. These Rubicon Express bushings will maintain your extreme articulation and even increase performance, all while providing the control and strength you need. Rubicon Express believes in these bushings so much, they are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

  • Rubicon Express Super Flex Joints

    If your Jeep demands high articulation, make sure to support it with the Rubicon Super-Flex Joint. These joints are industry preferred, thanks to incredibly smooth action and misalignment angles up to 34 degrees. This Rubicon Express rod end is completely rebuild-able with a hard-plated steel bearing encapsulated by a large polymer race. It also features an adjustable preload and a threaded steel insert, making it incredibly easy to access and maintain. With proven performance on the Rubicon Trail and Baja 1000, this joint is up to the challenge of your off-road adventures.

  • Rubicon Express Builder/Fabricator Parts, Bracketry & Accessories
    Rubicon Express Builder/Fabricator Parts, Bracketry & Accessories

    Rubicon Express Axle Bracket Kits: Designed specifically for Jeep TJs, these bracket kits are CNC formed to the utmost precision and laser cut for durable, 1/4" x 3/16" cold-rolled steel. For a straightforward installation on a custom axle, choose Rubicon Express axle bracket kits.

    Rubicon Express Control Arm Brackets: Rubicon Express forms these control arm brackets by laser cutting them from durable, 3/16" cold-rolled steel. They are then moved to the CNC machine, where the shape is created with unrivaled precision. After that, they're ready for an easy install with clean mounting on your Jeep.

    Rubicon's Heim Hi-Misalignments: Enhance the operating angle of your Jeep heim joints with Rubicon Express heim hi-misalignments. These Jeep accessories are zinc-plated to resist corrosion and CNC machined for ultimate precision.

    Rubicon Express Builder Parts: Ready to get your hands on a project? These Rubicon Express builder Jeep parts are designed for the do-it-yourselfer. Get the rod end couplers, tube adapters, and other suspension products you need for your custom Jeep build.

    Rubicon Express Bump Stop Mounts: If you want to relocate your bump pads after adjusting the pinion angle, the easiest way is with Rubicon Express bump stop mounts. These weld-on brackets are laser cut for quality that can't be beat.

    Rubicon Express Custom Shock MountsTo fabricate your Jeep suspension, install these Rubicon Express custom shock mounts. Made from heavy-gauge steel, these shock mounts have a durability unmatched by factory shock mounts.

    Rubicon's Rod End Jam Nuts: These corrosion-resistant jam nuts come in both right-handed and left-handed threads, so they'll fit any rod ends. Plus, the zinc plating guarantees they'll last a long time.

    Rubicon Express Leaf Spring Perches: If you're looking for the best, look no further than these Rubicon Express pads. With unparalleled features like 6" contact area with spring, 1/4" steel construction, and multiple center pin holes to make wheelbase adjustment simple, you won't find a superior product on the market.

  • Rubicon Express Coil Springs

    Rubicon Express uses the most advanced processes in the off-road industry to create these coil springs. All springs undergo a rigorous testing process to make sure they meet all of Rubicon Express' very strict specifications. It's this attention to detail that gives these coil springs both incredible ride quality and durability.

  • Leaf Springs & Accessories by Rubicon Express
    Leaf Springs & Accessories by Rubicon Express

    Rubicon's Extreme-Duty Leaf Springs: These are the top tier, highest quality springs you will find on the market. Rubicon Express engineers have put everything they have into the design of these leaf springs. Install these Rubicon Express leaf springs for the maximum amount of articulation, the smoothest ride, the highest load capacity, and the most durability.

    Rubicon Express Add-A-Leaf Kits: To avoid axle wrap at all costs and still maintain a high standard of ride quality, consider installing Rubicon Express Add-A-Leaf kits. This is an incredibly economical way to get those two extra inches on your Jeep.

    Rubicon Express Block & U-Bolt Kits: These kits are designed for specific applications. If your Jeep has a spring-over-axle design, these block and u-bolt kits are a great choice for the rear axle only. It's a straightforward way to increase height without an equivalent increase in spring rate. Each Rubicon Express kit includes u-bolts, nuts, and blocks.

    Rubicon Express Polyurethane Leaf Spring Bushings: Your factory rubber bushings just aren't built to handle the rigors of off-roading. Replace those inferior factory parts with these Rubicon Express leaf spring bushings for a smoother, quieter ride.

    Rubicon's Replacement Center Pins: We offer a variety of pins for your specific application. Choose the size and pin diameter to fit your particular Jeep. The pin will arrive with more length than you will need, so just cut it down to the adequate length after installation.

    Rubicon Express Degree Shims: Sometimes after you lift your Jeep, you end up with some driveline vibration that can be really annoying. Once you install these degree shims, that vibration will disappear and you'll have proper pinion angle once again.

    Rubicon Express Leaf Spring Plates: These leaf spring plates will install on axles up to 3.25" in diameter and 2.5" springs. Featuring a built-in, u-bolt skid plate and built-in, threaded mounts, these install easily on sway bar end links or shock mounts.

    Rubicon Express Spring Clamp Clips: These leaf spring plates will install on axles up to 3.25" in diameter and 2.5" springs. Featuring a built-in, u-bolt skid plate and built-in, threaded mounts, these install easily on sway bar end links or shock mounts.

  • Rubicon Express Sway Bar Disconnects, End Links & Drop Brackets
    Rubicon Express Sway Bar Disconnects, End Links & Drop Brackets

    Rubicon Express Sway Bar Quick Disconnects: For both on- and off-road performance, sway bar quick disconnects are incredibly beneficial. Installing these Rubicon Express Jeep parts will provide better handling on the highway and enhanced wheel travel while off-roading.

    These Rubicon Express Sway Bar End Links: If you don't want a disconnect-style end link for your Jeep, these sway bar end links are a great alternative. Choose Rubicon Express sway bar end links if your Jeep requires less wheel travel because you do mostly street driving.

    Rubicon Express Sway Bar Brackets: If you need to increase spring clearance on your lifted Jeep, these sway bar brackets will do the job by moving the sway bar forward and down.

  • Rubicon Express Track Bars, Track Bar Brackets & Track Bar Bushings
    Rubicon Express Track Bars, Track Bar Brackets & Track Bar Bushings

    Rubicon Express Adjustable Track Bars: With these front track bars installed on your Jeep, you'll gain the maximum amount of clearance between the axle and the steering components. They're custom designed for each application, which guarantees precise axle alignment for your lifted Jeep.

    These Track Bar Brackets from Rubicon ExpressTo maintain your lifted Jeep's axle alignment and suspension geometry, use these track bar brackets to relocate your track bar and maintain performance.

    Rubicon Express Track Bar Bushing Kits: These Rubicon Express kits provide everything you need to replace your worn-out bushings. With new bushings on your Jeep, you'll be able to control wheel hop and bump steer.

  • Rubicon Express Bump Stops & Bump Stop Spacers
    Rubicon Express Bump Stops & Bump Stop Spacers

    Rubicon Express Bump Stops: Bottoming out can cause major damage to Jeep suspension parts that are very expensive to fix or replace, like springs or shocks. Install these Rubicon Express bump stops to keep that from happening.

    Rubicon Express Bump Stop Spacers: If you've got a lifted Jeep, limit the suspension travel and maximize the length of the bump stops with these bump stop spacers.

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