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Rubicon Express Steering Upgrades & Accessories

When you lift your Jeep, it's essential to upgrade the steering components to protect the system and improve handling that will be affected by the extra lift height. Choose from a variety of Rubicon Express steering upgrades and accessories, including: dropped pitman arms, steering stabilizers and brackets, chromoly draglinks, and tie rod end boots. With these add-ons, your Jeep's steering geometry will be as good as new and even better than before.

  • Rubicon Express Chromoly Draglinks

    If your lifted Jeep Wrangler has a track bar drop down bracket, you will likely need to take steps to enhance the handling and geometry angles of your steering components. Installing a Rubicon Express chromoly draglink changes the stock mounting location from under the knuckles to on top of the knuckles for enhanced overall performance.

  • Rubicon Express Pitman Arms

    Maintain the factory steering geometry on your lifted Jeep by installing Rubicon Express pitman arms, which will minimize steering linkage angles. If your Jeep runs a lift kit 3.5" or higher, we recommend a dropped pitman arm.

  • Rubicon Express Tie Rod End Boots

    Don't bring the muck from off-roading home with you in the tie rods. Adding a Rubicon Express tie rod end boot will keep out all that dirt for a much longer lifespan.

  • Rubicon Express Steering Stabilizers

    Larger tires and wheels mean more traction when off roading, but they can also have a major impact on the quality of your steering. Wheel shimmy and bump steer are annoying and dangerous. Eliminate these problems with a Rubicon Express steering stabilizer, which provides the added benefit of minimized wear and tear on the steering parts and lengthened longevity. You can even purchase a protective boot separately.

  • Rubicon Express Steering Stabilizer Brackets

    If you're installing a Rubicon Express steering stabilizer, you need to have a reliable, fixed mounting point or else it won't improve the handling and minimize bump steer as intended. These brackets are perfect for the job.

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