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PIAA Driving Lights

PIAA Driving Lamps are designed to increase the range and brightness of your vehicle's high beams. They are especially useful at higher cruising speeds where they help to identify hazards and signs long before they would be seen with high beams only. PIAA Fog Lights are available in amber or clear beam colors. PIAA is an industry leader in quality lighting products thanks to their race-proven, easy-to-install lamps, bulbs, and a lifetime warranty.

  • 510 Series 4 Inch Driving Lamps by PIAA

    The 510 is PIAA's #1 Selling Lamp Series, exceeding SAE durability and corrosion standards. The compact and ultra-thin housing provides for a multitude of applications. With its 4-inch diameter, the 510 is a natural for today's cars and trucks with round openings in the bumper and/or front spoiler.

  • 520 Series 6 Inch Driving Lamps by PIAA

    The 520 Series is the number one best selling truck lamp on the market today. The 520 PIAA lamp complements more brush guards than any other lamp available. The reason? Simply the best combination of fashion and performance in its class. No brush guard should be without a set of PIAA 520s.

  • 525 Series, 6 inch, Clear High/Plasma Ion Low, Dual Beam, Driving Lamp by PIAA

    The 525 packs a multitude of features for today's truck and SUV owner. Along with an H4 dual beam system, the 525 features PIAA's highly effective SMR (Super Multi-Surface Reflector) technology. The most unique feature of PIAA 525 lamps is the incorporation of Multipurpose High Intensity LED Technology that creates a glowing effect when the main bulb is switched off. You simply have to see the 525 illuminated!

  • 540 Series 5 Inch Xtreme White Driving Lamp by PIAA

    With a big, bold design in a small package, the ultra thin housing of 540 PIAA lights allows for easy installation. Designed specifically for small, mid-sized trucks and SUVs, a unique black mesh-style lens cover offers additional protection while enhancing your vehicle's appearance.

  • RS800 Series 9 Inch, Clear High/Plasma Ion Low, Dual Beam, Halogen Shock Lamp by PIAA

    Whether you're racing across Baja or simply traversing your favorite back road, the RS800 Halogen Shock Lamp offers unmatched durability. It's indestructible with its high impact-resistant polyamide housing, unbreakable polycarbonate hard clear-coated lens, and stout mounting system. Even better, the Shock Lamp features a computer-designed Multi-Surface Reflector with a Twin Color Dual Beam H4 bulb. The result? Legendary PIAA illumination in a package engineered to perform anywhere, in any conditions. Designed for race applications, the PIAA Shock Lamp is not sold as a complete kit. Not recommended for highway use.

  • 40 Series 6 Inch Clear Driving Lamp by PIAA

    Durability, dependability and reliability, add up to make the 40 Series lamp the best value in the market today. With its prism-cut glass lens for optimum clarity, stamped-steel corrosion-resistant housing, and powerful 55 watt quartz halogen bulb, the 40 is unmatched in value to performance ratio.

  • 1500 Series Back Up Lamp, Clear, Flood Pattern by PIAA

    The 1500 Series Back Up Lamp Kit with two lamps provides maximum illumination for both rear and peripheral visibility. With the 1500 Back Up's wide flood beam pattern and ultra low profile design for maximum ground clearance, the 1500 is the best choice for safe and effective rear illumination. The 1500 Back Up Lamp also makes a great work/utility light due to its spread beam.

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