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  • Front Bumpers Trail Gear Front Bumpers

  • Rear Bumpers Trail Gear Rear Bumpers

  • Tire Carriers So you have installed larger on your truck and have no idea were to put that spare tire? Check out these trick tire carriers designed to carry the load of large tires with out crumbling. We carry bumper mounted models, bed mounted models and more

  • Bumper Bracket Hardware Trail Gear Bumper Support Kits

  • Leaf Spring Trail Gear Leaf Springs feature a full military wrap on the front and the 1/4 wrap on the rear. Leaf pack is 6 leaves. Springs are 47" long as measured along the top leaf. New poly bushings and left side spring pad are included with springs.

  • Leaf Spring Shackle Kit Trail Gear Shackle Kits feature threaded zerk fittings. Factory size 18mm bolts with crimp nuts. Zinc plated plates. Polly bushings included.

  • Shock Absorber Mounting Kit These weld-on shock mounts are sold in sets of two, shock mounts can be welded to the axle tube for customized shock absorber mounting or when the addition of a second shock absorber is desired.

  • Leaf Spring Hanger Trail Gear Leaf Spring Hanger is used to as a front mount for leaf springs. The mount includes greasable 120mm bolts, bushings, nuts, and gussets.

  • Shackle Frame Bracket If you're installing longer rear springs you may need to relocate your rear shackle mount. Shackle mounts use OEM bushings and are much stronger then stock units. Made from 1/4" plate steel. Unpainted finish.

  • Limiting Strap Trail Gear Limit Straps

  • Spindle Choose from our wide selection of lifted and lowered spindles to help retain stock ride quality and give your truck the attitude and altitude to suite your individual style.

  • Shackle Reversal Kits Trail Gear Shackle Kit

  • Leaf Spring U-Bolt Plate Trail Gear U-Bolt Flip Kits help increase ground clearance under your rig. Stock u-bolts face down and offer a snag point for rocks. A u-bolt flip kit point the spring bolt up and out of harm's way, resulting in better ground clearance and less damage to the threaded section of the bolt.

  • Frame Crossmember Trail Gear Rock DefenseSingle and Dual T-Case Crossmember kits offer that extra protection needed for the toughest trails.

  • Drive Shaft Spacer Drive Shaft Spacers add that extra lenght you need to re-connect your factory drive shafts to your lifted vehicle.

  • Axle Truss Bolt-On Trail Gear Axle Truss

  • Frame Stiffener Even the strongest frames need reinforcing when rock crawling and off-road racing.

  • Bump Stop Spacer While simple in appearance, bump stops are actually variable-rate springs that function as limiting devices for suspension compression. Unfortunately, very few suspension kits address bump stops correctly as it simply isn't possible to suit every application with fixed-length designs due to individual vehicle variances.

  • Carrier Bearing Drop Trail Gear Carrier Bearing Relocator Kit

  • Control Arm Tubing Trail Gear Panhard Tubing

  • Leaf Spring Mount Kit Leaf Spring Mount Kit

  • Long Arm Upgrade These heavy duty rod ends are ideal for today's flexible suspension systems. Super strong, Creeper Joints will hold up to years of punishment. The outer shell is a single forged piece. The inner flex ball is made from 8620 tool steel and rides on high quality polyurethane bushings. Heavy-duty, hardened steel washers hold the joint together. Creeper Joints are super flexible and allow for up to 40 degrees of movement when used with spacers. A threaded grease fitting is provided on top for lubrication. The flex ball is drilled for cross lubrication flow from the shell to the link mount bolt. Each joint includes a jam nut!

  • Suspension Upgrade Kits Trail Gear is known for their innovative development of quality suspension systems for Toyota vehicles. Trail gear suspension lift kits combine performance, durability, and value that will turn your Toyota into a hardcore rock crawler.

  • Winch Safety Thimble Trail Gear Tube Thimbles

  • D-Ring Shackle The clevis D-ring shackle provides a means for connecting the looped ends of cables, straps and snatch blocks. The shackle''s pin is threaded to allow easy removal.

  • Winch Cable and Synthetic Rope Replace your frayed and worn winch rope with these replacement cables from the winch manufacture for proper fit.

  • Winch Bumper Mounting Channel Winch Bumper Mounting Channel is used with the grille guard bumper. Individualize your truck with your own custom look and you can add auxiliary lights thanks to the pre-drilled holes.

  • 3,000 to 6,000 lbs. Electric Winches During a vertical climb or decent, your suspension will unload making your vehicle less stable as the center of gravity becomes higher. The answer to this problem is a small, easy to mount suspension winch that will allow you to stabilize your suspension and effectively control how much suspension droop you have during times when having that control makes all the difference.

  • Rock Sliders and Guards Rock sliders are a great way of protecting the rocker panels of your Toyota Pickup, 4Runner, Tacoma, or FJ Cruiser. Trail-Gear has designed it’s Rock Sliders to be the strongest on the market, starting with 1 3/4" OD x .120 wall 1035 DOM. Trail-Gear Rock Sliders are the only rock sliders on the market that use 1035 DOM tubing, based on our testing we believe that using DOM tubing in this application makes our rock sliders the strongest, most affordable available today.

  • Skid Plates Serious off-road protection for your Toyota. Heavy duty design takes impacts and directs the force up to the frame, away from expensive drive train components. Skid plates are made from 3/16" plate steel and attaches to the frame via 1.5" .120 tubing. Bolt on installation utilizing existing threaded mounting points on the frame.

  • Tubing Clamp Trail Gear Chromoly Interlocking Tube Clamps

  • Roll Cage Gusset Weld in frame gussets. Each gusset measures 3" tall by 3" wide. Made from 3/16" mild plate steel.

  • Roll Cages & Roll Bars Upgrade your rock rig with TG’s Rock Defense Roll Cage. This do-it-yourself, weld-together cage adds-on to the existing roll bar. Made from heavy-duty 1.75”x .120” wall DOM material, it replaces the weak stock A to B pillar braces and offers more protection in the event of a roll during your on and off pavement adventures.

  • Transfer Case Mount Have you installed lower transfer case gears in your transfer case? Lower than stock transfer case gears can stretch and damage stock rubber and aftermarket polyurethane transfer case mounts. Heavy duty aluminum transfer case mounts are a solid way to attach your low range case.

  • Transfer Case Mount Kit Trail Gear Transfer Case Mount Kits

  • Transfer Case Crossmember Heavy Duty Crossmember Kits for single or dual transfer cases.

  • Transfer Case Shift Knob Replacement rubber shift knobs for Toyota transmissions and transfer cases. High quality metric threads for easy installation. Includes recessed Trail-Gear mountain logo on top. Also fits Samurai transfer case.

  • Transfer Case Shifter Stock replacement shifter handle and base. Bolts in using stock bolts. Fits top shift gear drive transfer cases.

  • Transfer Case Shifter Boot It features a flexible rubber shell with a steel bottom plate for mounting to your floor board. Keep engine heat and exhaust fumes out of the cab.

  • Transfer Case Shifter Lever Stock replacement shifter handle and base. Bolts in using stock bolts. Fits top shift gear drive transfer cases from 1979-1995.

  • Differential Case We stock these heavy duty differential cases to help you build a bulletproof third member or just replace a worn out stocker. Choose from light weight aluminum or hard core nodular iron.

  • Axle Plenum For Hydra Lok Differential Axle Housing End

  • Axle Hub Flange This is the outer end of a two piece axle shaft that is driven by the shaft and mounts the wheel and brake drum.

  • Axle Shaft Bearing Kit Kit includes all the parts you need to rebuild your front axle. Includes inner axle seals, bearing seals, wheel bearings, knuckle bearings, backing plates, and star washers.

  • Wheel Stud Each kit contains one stud, cone washer, lock washer and nut (8mm). Fits Toyota Pickup/4Runner solid front axle hub from 1979-1985.

  • Axle Shaft Tube Seal Trail Gear Axle Tube Seals keep the differential oil in and the contaminants out.

  • Spindle Nut And Washer Kit Stop fighting with those beat up old spindle nuts and dealing with wheel bearings that keep backing off when you can replace them with these OEM quality spindle nuts and never deal with them again.

  • Axle Shaft Bushing Spindle Bushing

  • Axle Breather Prevents dirt, debris and water from getting in to your axle through the stock axle housing breather. Expands and contracts to accommodate increase or decrease in housing pressure.

  • Axle Dust Shield These simple slingers go on the outer stub axle before the seals and prevent a majority of debris from even reaching the seals.

  • Axle Hub Assembly Trail-Gear has designed this unit for a specific application, so these 1-ton unit hubs will bolt right onto your Dana 60 or 9" housing that are set up for unit hubs. They are made to accommodate a 30 or a 35 spline axle shaft and use a 1/2-20 threaded wheel stud with a 6x5.5 wheel bolt pattern.

  • Axle Shaft Race These hard to find axle bearing races are available to help you keep your high mile vehicle going down the road safely and smoothly.

  • Axle Shaft Retainer Axle Shaft Retainer

  • Differential Drain Plug Magnetic Drain Plugs are a great way of keeping metal from building up in the oil. Low profile design uses recessed 10mm Allen socket.

  • Differential Pinion Seal Stock replacement seal. Fits 8" toyota differential.

  • Differential Pinion/Carrier Shims Make sure you have solid contact between the ring and the pinion with these differential pinon shims.

  • Ring and Pinion Bearing Kit Trail Gear Bearing Kits are made with Timken bearings and races and will work with both standard and reverse cut gears, thick or thin carriers, and both front and rear housings.

  • Wheel Bearing Kit Wheel Bearing Kit

  • Drive Shaft Universal Joint Trail-Gear now offers the strongest U-Joint on the market. We took the stock U-joint and kicked it up a notch by adding additional material to center of the joint. The Creeper Joint™ has been tested to 4,700 ft-lbs of torque in our axle testing machine. These U-joints fit most 1979-1995 4wd applications. Includes four install clips and Zerk grease fitting

  • Drive Shafts Trail Gear Drivelink Kits

  • Tube Adapters Tube Adapters are welded into tubing to create suspension and setting links. 1" and 1.25" bungs are for use on tubing with a 1.5" ID. 3/4" and 7/8" bungs are for use on tubing with a 1" ID. Left threaded parts are identified by machined groove.

  • Hose End Fittings trail Gear Hose Fittings are only for use on low pressure lines and return lines.

  • Weld In AN Threaded Bungs These specialty weld in fittings are designed to aide you in the fabrication of fuel tanks and other components that require the attachment of fluid transfer lines. Choose from different materials and sizes to accommodate your unique requirements.

  • Elbow Fitting Elbow Fitting #6 JIC

  • Disc Brake Pads Trail Gear Brake Pads

  • Disc Brake Rotors Trail Gear Disc Brake Rotors

  • Disc Brake Conversion Kits Trail Gear started with a 3/8" CNC laser cut caliper bracket with grade 10.9 bolts. We used the larger GM style calipers that are shipped fully loaded and we included GM style vented rotors that were custom made just for this application. The DOT approved brake lines are made so that one end fits the GM calipers and the other end attaches to your OEM Toyota brake lines, so no new fittings are required.

  • Disc Brake Caliper Brackets Trail Gear Brake Caliper

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