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  • Body Lift Kits A TeraFlex Body Lift can be one of the most useful upgrades on a Jeep. It increases room for larger tires, high clearance skid plates, etc.

  • Sway Bar Bushings & Brackets TeraFlex Sway Bar Bushing Kit

  • Track Bar Bushings This small rubber Monster end from TeraFlex is designed as a trackbar end, and will provide maximum road dampening characteristics for highway handling.

  • License Plate Bracket The license plate delete badge fills the exposed hole remaining when you move the stock JK rear license plate.

  • Brake Hose These DOT approved TeraFlex Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines will prevent line expansion, thereby giving a much firmer-feeling pedal.

  • Brake Hose Clips And Brackets The Brake Line Extension Bracket Kit from TeraFlex is a simple bracket kit tom relocate then rear brake lines for improved travel.

  • Front Bumpers The TeraFlex bumper is designed to offer ultimate rock protection.

  • Rear Bumpers The TeraFlex RockGuard Rear Bumper is designed to offer ultimate rock protection, and continue to match the design styling of the vehicle’s body.

  • Tire Carriers The TeraFlex Heavy Duty Adjustable Tire Carrier spreads the load and weight of the tire to more than just one hinge point. Incorporating and using the factory tailgate hinge mounting points spread and separate the load as far apart as possible, resulting in maximum strength and durability. Dedicated tooling provides a cast A356.2 T6 Aluminum main component. This keeps the carrier as light, and strong as possible. The fit and finish is designed to follow the flow and contour of the Jeep body, while seamlessly providing additional mounting points for off road accessories such as recovery jack and fluid containers. The factory Jeep tub provides substantial internal gussets and bracing that easily supports the new tire carrier and oversized tire.

  • Third Brake Light Bracket This unique bracket solves many of the traditional problems that owners face when adding an aftermarket bumper, larger spare tire, spare tire carrier, and CB antenna.

  • Exhaust Spacers Exhaust spacers are needed for all 2012 model JK Wranglers using Teraflex suspension kits with 2 or more inches of lift. The spacers are installed between the driver and passenger head pipe flanges and the flanges of the cross pipe, which moves the exhaust cross pipe rearward. This prevents contact between the front driveshaft and the exhaust cross pipe during suspension down travel.

  • Roof Rack The TeraFlex JK Nebo roof rack incorporates OEM aesthetics and styling with rugged performance in a purpose-built configuration that will give you the capacity to extend your adventure even further.

  • Spare Tire Carrier Cargo Rack "The TeraFlex Alta cargo rack is designed to increase storage space for extended overland adventures, and sits conveniently above the spare tire to keep the cargo out of harm’s way.

  • Shock Absorber Extension These Shock Extensions from TeraFlex allow you to extend the working length of your shock absorbers.

  • Remote Reservoir Mount Kit Teraflex Remote Reservoir Bracket Kit

  • Shock Absorbers TeraFlex Shock Absorbers are an exceptional shock absorber designed and developed specifically for Jeep vehicles. This means you get the best extreme off-road performance and unequaled highway ride because it is designed specifically for your Jeep.

  • Shock Absorber Conversion Mount TeraFlex Shock Conversions convert the factory shock mounts, making possible the use of a wider range of shocks and lengths.

  • Shock Absorber Relocation Bracket The TeraFlex Shock Mount Relocators install into factory shock locations to move the shock canister away from the spring pad. This minimizes canister damage and allows for axle rotation on lifted TJ Wranglers.

  • Shock Absorber Mount TeraFlex Shock Mount

  • Leaf Spring Shackle Kit TeraFlex Shackles are designed for off road use and will provide a smooth quiet ride on the highway.

  • Bump Stops TeraFlex Bumpstops extend your factory bump stop pad to control the front suspension compression so your large tires wont damage your fenders.

  • Track Bar Fine tune the front suspension to eliminate bump steer without drilling holes with a new Adjustable Track Bar from TeraFlex. The trackbar bushing is designed to reduce the effects of front wheel shimmy, improve durability and tunability.

  • Sway Bar Link - Disconnect TeraFlex Quick Disconnects are the leader in the industry. Spherical polyurethane bushings eliminate noise and avoid metal-to-metal wear and tear. The design combines silent function with ease of use.

  • Leaf Spring Plate These Leaf Spring Mounting Plates from TeraFlex will allow you to attach leaf springs to custom axles, or to rebuild your stock application.

  • Sway Bar Link - Non Disconnect Teraflex Sway Bar Links

  • Control Arms The TeraFlex standard FlexArm offers simple adjustability to fine-tune different lift heights, pinion angle and front end caster.

  • Coil Springs TeraFlex Coil Springs will sit at or close to the advertised lift height with all of the aftermarket components included on the vehicle.

  • Transfer Case Lowering Kit The TeraFlex Transfer Case Lowering Kit lowers the transfer case one inch to help control drive shaft vibration caused by increased ride height in excess of two inches.

  • Track Bar Bracket The TeraFlex Track Bar Brackets help to restore the trackbar to a natural position to keep the axle correctly centered under the vehicle with no binding or interference with other components.

  • Sway Bar Assemblies The TeraFlex S/T Swaybar System is one of the most advanced swaybar disconnect systems available. With its easy engagement knob you can go from street to trail in seconds - literally! The S/T Swaybar System, when engaged, provides a stable highway drive. Disconnected, it allows your vehicle to articulate and your tires to bite despite the terrain.

  • Limiting Strap TeraFlex Limit Straps

  • Sway Bar Bracket Raise the swaybar mount up and out of the way to make clearance for custom steering components with the TeraFlex Sway Bar Relocation Mounts.

  • Shackle Reversal Kits Shackle Reversal Kits help elimiate bump steer on front leaf sprung vehicles.

  • Axle Truss Bolt-On The Axle Truss from TeraFlex was designed for the TeraFlex TJ LCG series suspensions, but it can be utilitized in custom suspension applications needing a 4-link triangulation configuration.

  • Coil Spring Retainer Teraflex Spring Retainers

  • Control Arm Tubing Teraflex Flexarm Tubing

  • Long Arm Upgrade Teraflex Long Arm Upgrade Kits

  • Tire Deflator The TeraFlex EZ-Deflator quickly and accurately lowers the air pressure in your tires for improved trail comfort and off road performance.

  • Transfer Case Overhaul Kit TeraFlex Transfer Case Rebuild Kits come with all the bearings, thrust washers and seals to refresh your old transfer case.

  • Transfer Case Output Shaft This kit replaces the stock output shaft of the Dana 300 transfer case with a heavy-duty output shaft. The new shaft is better suited for high-torque and high-stress situations because it is thicker and stronger. It is great when combined with the Low300 gear set because of its additional strength.

  • D-Ring Shackle Complete your bumper with these TeraFlex RockGuard D-Ring Shackles. The zinc plated shackles provide an attachment for connecting looped ends of straps and snatch blocks.

  • Winch Accessory Kit The TeraFlex Recovery Gear Bag is designed as a premium recovery kit that incorporates all of the basic recovery tools that you will realistically need when performing various pulling tasks with your Jeep®.

  • Tow Strap TeraFlex Tow Straps are designed for those 'unlikely' situations where you have to pull out the strap - for your friend of course.

  • D-Ring Bracket The bolt on TeraFlex D-Ring Mount Kit is designed to bolt on directly to the TeraFlex Rockguard TJ/YJ front bumper. They can also be used in other applications, but may require some drilling for the mounting holes.

  • Tree Trunk Protector TeraFlex Tree Straps were designed to use as a winch point from a tree without damaging the tree. It has plenty of strength and flex to pull you out of those tough places while leaving mother nature intact.

  • Differential Covers TeraFlex HD Differential Covers are designed to offer extreme protection from rocks, obstacles and other debris on the trail. The cover is cast from the same high-strength ductile-iron as the TeraFlex HD axle housings.

  • Axle Ball Joints Ball Joints

  • Differential Switches And Shifters The JK Front TeraFlex R44/Rubicon Dana 44 Locker Sensor and Actuator Plug Kit is for use in Front Teraflex R44 and Factory Rubicon Dana 44 axle housings that will be using an aftermarket locker.

  • Hub Conversions Teraflex Full Float Conversion Kit

  • Axle Housing Teraflex Axle Housings

  • Suspension Leveling Kits TeraFlex has the perfect solution to level your Jeep if it is dipping in the front from the weight of a winch, sagging, or to level out a loaded vehicle. These Leveling Spacers from TeraFlex are designed to work in stock configuration, or with a lifted vehicle.

  • Coil Spring Spacer TeraFlex Coil Spring Spacers are perfect to level your jeep from sagging or from extra weight caused by heavy loads or accessories.

  • Remote Throttle Control This Hand Throttle Control from TeraFlex is designed to provide constant idle or speed when off roading. It is especially useful when use of clutch, gas and brake are needed together.

  • Tailgate Covers and Storage The TeraFlex MP (multi-purpose) tailgate table was co-developed with Vector Off Road and is designed specifically for the JK. The large 23.5"w x 12"d table is designed to provide maximum use while on the trail, and folds vertical when not in use. The MP table is constructed from lightweight aluminum with stainless steel hardware and is rated for 75 lbs. of evenly distributed load capacity.

  • Interior Grab Bar & Roll Bar Grab Handle Just ask a passenger, when the going gets rough, what do you hold on to?? These grab handles mount easily to your roll cage and give both the driver and passenger something a bit more secure to grab on to.

  • Sunvisors Teraflex Sunvisor Set

  • Accelerator Pedal Bracket The 5.7 Hemi uses a drive-by-wire system that involves some pedal modification. Our Hemi gas pedal bracket will make this modification as easy as possible, and will save valuable time when performing the engine conversion.

  • Pitman Arm The TeraFlex Drop Pitman Arm is used to correct steering geometry on vehicles with 4 or more inches of lift.

  • Tie Rod End TeraFlex has developed heavy duty tie rod ends that utilize a one-ton joint end, and are available in either a stock Jeep taper or a large one-ton taper (standard Dana 60).

  • Tie Rod End Boot The TeraFlex TJ tie rod end replacement boot will replace worn or torn tie rod boots to protect the tie rod end from contaminants and premature wear. Fits all TeraFlex tie rod ends, Sold individually.

  • Steering Upgrades and Drag Links This heavy duty drag link kit is designed to work with the TeraFlex heavy duty tie rod in a kit to upgrade any TJ, YJ, XJ, or ZJs steering system utilizing the TeraFlex High Steer Knuckle.

  • Steering Kit The TeraFlex high steer system was originally designed to be used with our top of the line suspension system- the MAX-LCG, which utlilizes a front 4-link triangulation (eliminating the trackbar). The High Steer Kit is essential in that application. We found that many Jeep®s with more than 5” of lift while still utilizing a trackbar system would benefit from a high steer solution.

  • Steering Arm TeraFlex Steering Arms allow for multiple steering mounting points and positions for custom applications.

  • Steering Knuckle TeraFlex Steering Knuckles are designed for use with TeraFlex HD axle assemblies. They are constructed of the same high quality ductile iron as the TeraFlex differential housings.

  • Tie Rod End Kit This heavy duty tie rod is designed to work with the TeraFlex heavy duty drag link in a kit to upgrade any TJ, YJ, XJ, or ZJs steering system utilizing the TeraFlex High Steer Knuckle.

  • Tie Rod Adapter Sleeve The TeraFlex tapered insert sleeve is used for mounting tie rod ends in steering conversions such as the high steer conversion kit.

  • Window Shades Reduce interior temperatures during the summer with the TeraFlex sun shade.

  • Window Storage Protect your soft top windows when removed from your Jeep. This bracket kit will hold the soft top windows securely out of the way.

  • Rock Sliders and Guards TeraFlex Rock Sliders are constructed from extruded 6063-T5 aluminum, making them extremely strong and light weight at the same time. They are over 1/4" in key strength areas to provide structure and strength.

  • Skid Plates TeraFlex Skid Plates protect most vulnerable components on your Jeep.

  • Complete Axle Assemblies These axle assemblies come with stronger than factory mounting bracketry and all top shelf internals like 35 spline chromoly axles and lockers.

  • Mud Flaps Usually mud flaps are a nuisance and cannot be easily removed for off road use, but this heavy duty mud flap kit is easily installed and when it's time for off road use, they are easily removed by pulling a pin. They can be stored in the back of the vehicle and installed before returning to the highway.

  • CB Antennas & Mounts Easily mount a CB antenna to your JK Wrangler. This simple bracket mounts to the JK tailgate, utilizing the factory mounting locations for the spare tire mount and can be used with or without the factory tire mount.

  • Door Storage The full door hanger is the perfect solution for protecting and storing your full doors when removed from your JK.

  • Transmission Mount This TeraFlex Transmission Mount is designed to eliminate the custom fabrication necessary to install a 5.7 HEMI engine conversion in TJ Wranglers. The simple bracket offers a bolt-in solution to save time and effort.

  • Transfer Case Low Gearset This kit provides rock-crawling performance without affecting high range gears for daily drivers, or the trip to and from the back country. It provides a true 4.0:1 reduction through a heavy duty 5 gear planetary system.

  • Transfer Case Slip Yoke Eliminator Kits and Hardware This short shaft kit, or slip yoke eliminator, with the new, heavy duty shaft is engineered to withstand the increased torque (50% increase) generated by extreme reduction of the Tera Low231. The kit also eliminates the need to lower the transfer case in most cases by increasing the rear driveshaft length by four inches.

  • 4 Wheel Drive Disconnect The TeraFlex 2Low kit provides the benefit of true low range gearing, while allowing the front to freely turn. It lets you choose 2 Low in addition to the other standard options.

  • Axle Shaft Tube Seal The TeraFlex high performance front axle tube seal is designed exclusively for the oversized 3.25” O.D. axle tubes found on Tera30 and Tera44 JK replacement housings.

  • Transfer Case Yoke The U-bolt conversion kit replaces the yoke and changes the OEM Rzeppa CV flange with a standard CV cardan joint style yoke and U-bolt style connector. The conversion is not only stronger but makes u-joint changes easier after breakages.

  • Drive Shaft Pinion Yoke Conversion Kit TeraFlex U-bolt Yoke Conversion Kits replace the yoke and changes the OEM strap/nut with a stronger U-bolt style connector. The conversion is not only stronger but makes u-joint changes easier after breakage.

  • Driveshaft CV Socket Yoke Assembly The TeraFlex JK high angle Rzeppa factory replacement CV joint kit allows the JK owner to replace a worn or damaged Rzeppa CV joint and retain their factory JK driveline without an expensive upgrade. The high angle CV housing reduces boot failure associated with taller lift heights. This is especially important on JKs with 3 or more inches of lift.

  • Flex Joints Flex Joints offer up to 30 degrees of unrestricted movement. Perfect for todays flexible suspension systems.

  • Rod Ends, Heim, Johnny & NG Joints We carry the Rod Ends you're looking for right here. Whether it's Heim Joints, Johnny Joints, or Next Generation Rod Ends, Vehicle specific replacements or Universal applications for fabricating. Greasable, Rebuildable, Forged, Welded, 2 inch, 2-1/2 inch, 3 inch, Weld-in or thread-in. We have a variety of Rod Ends to cover your specific needs.

  • Link Arm End TeraFlex Flex Ends will allow some misalignment when articulating, and have a specially designed urethane bushing to restrict excess movement and allow control and handling at highway speeds.

  • Backpacks & Cargo Bags The TeraFlex Gear & Tool Bag is designed as a premium bag that will provide years of durable service, and will keep your tools and accessories organized and within quick reach.

  • Parking Brake Cable This kit will provide your TeraFlex Rear Disc Brake Conversion with a new emergency brake cable.

  • Disc Brake Pad and Rotor Kits The TeraFlex JK performance rear big rotor kit is the perfect upgrade for JK Wrangler owners requiring increased braking performance with larger tires.

  • Disc Brake Conversion Kits TeraFlex Disc Brake Kits are manufactured within exact tolerances to provide the crucial stopping power that larger tires, and extreme off road situations demand.

  • Disc Brake Calipers, Pads and Rotor Kits These Brake systems are a cost-effective brake package designed to restore and improve braking performance lost due to the addition of Larger tire and Wheel packages.

  • Brake Master Cylinder We have a brake master cylinder with an oversized bore that has 14% more flow. It is a recommended upgrade to provide a firmer pedal when using our Big Brake kit. This is a great solution to a softer pedal that may appear once you have had the Big Brake Kit.

  • Motor Mount The custom engineered HD TJ Hemi motor mounts are laser cut from 1/4” steel and houses a OEM quality rubber bushing that will withstand the horsepower and torque delivered by the Hemi engine. The rubber bushing will provide superior vibration control and will also keep the engine placed at the proper angle for drivetrain compatibility.

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