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  • Body Mount Kit Replace your Jeep's trail-mangled body mounts with these extreme duty BFH™ Body Mounts from Poison Spyder Customs. They're made of beefy 3/16" plate steel, and designed to act like a ramp to help you slide up and over rocks, rather than act like an anchor to hold you back, like the stock ones do.

  • License Plate Bracket These handy license plate frames allow you to mount your license plate into any 2 inch receiver and remove for toy hauling.

  • Front Bumpers We stock a massive inventory of front bumpers. Choose from a vast assortment of available options like winch mounting, integrated receivers, integrated brush guards, d-ring mounts, increased approach angles and more.

  • Rear Bumpers Check out our huge inventory of rear bumpers, with a variety of options, including Integrated receivers, tire carriers, shackle mounts, and more.

  • Tire Carriers The RockBrawler™ spare tire carrier is built from the highest quality components. The main structure of the tire carrier is fabricated from NC-bent DOM tubing and laser-cut, precision brake-formed plate steel.

  • Bumper Mounting Kit Poison Spyder is the foremost name in Jeep bumpers for hard core wheeling! Our legendary Trail Stinger and Comp Stinger are the ultimate in simplicity, functionality and affordability in a hard core rockcrawling bumper. The BFH™ line of super-"stubby" bumpers offers the best possible ground clearance, approach angle and light weight in a rugged, all-steel rockcrawling bumper with several Stinger options. The RockBrawler™ line is our full-featured bumper with the most popular features for every day trail use. The Rear Stinger Tire Carrier was originated by Poison Spyder as a no-nonsense, hard core rockcrawling tire carrier with the best ground clearance and departure angle possible.

  • Side Marker Light Assembly LED marker lamp or turn signal for use with Poison Spyder Customs DeFenders, Tube Fenders, Crusher Flares, or anywhere you'd like to mount them by drilling a 3/4" hole in a flat panel. This is a two wire assembly, meaning it can be used as either a turn signal or a marker lamp, but not as both. These high quality LED lamps are DOT-approved for use on your vehicle. Beware of cheaply made LED's that do not carry the DOT approval. Includes pigtail harness and mounting grommet. Sold each (select a quantity of 2 if you need a pair).

  • Tail & Brake Lights Flush-mount LED taillights stay out of the way of rocks and trees on the trail, last longer and shine brighter than OEM incandescent lamps.

  • Reverse / Backup Lights 2-1/2" flush mount LED back-up light for use with Poison Spyder Customs Crusher Corners, Trail Corners or any other manufacturer's corner protectors, or anywhere you can cut a 2-3/4" hole in a flat sheetmetal panel. push-in mounting with the included rubber grommet.

  • LED Resistor This resistor assembly equalizes the current load for proper function of LED taillights with the Jeep JK's electrical system. It easily installs inline in your taillight wiring.

  • Frame Crossmember Poison Sypder Crossmember

  • Shock Mount Kit These are the upper coil over mounts we originally designed to use on Daddy Longlegs. They are made of CNC laser cut, brake-formed 3/16" plate steel.

  • D-Ring Shackle These heavy duty 3/4" Recovery Shackles are rated at a working load limit of 4-3/4 tons.

  • Winch Fairlead The Poison Spyder Aluminum Hawse Fairlead will help protect your synthetic winchline during winch operation, as well as give the front of your 4X4 a little bit of Poison Spyder attitude. CNC machined from billet aluminum and powdercoated for a durable finish.

  • Winch Accessory Case The Poison Spyder Gear Bag is perfect for storing those essential items every 4X4 should carry on board. Made of heavy duty materials, this Gear Bag is a great place to put tool rolls, recovery gear, emergency and survival supplies.

  • Tow Strap The Poison Spyder Recovery Strap is a must-have for every 4x4's onboard recovery kit.

  • 4X4 Jack Mount Kit This accessory makes it easy to mount a Hi-Lift jack to your Poison Spyder RockBrawler™ II Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier. The mount plate is CNC laser cut from 1/4" plate steel, with an unmistakable Spyder web design. The plate bolts to the top of the tire carrier using the supplied Grade 8 hardware.

  • D-Ring Bracket The Poison Spyder D-Ring Shackle Tab allows fabricators to easily add a super-tough recovery attachment point to any structural member of the vehicle.

  • Differential Covers Poison Spyder Bombshell Diff Covers are designed to protect your gears, lockers and diff cover bolts from the most punishing rocks and trail hazards. The stock covers your Jeep came with are weak, stamped sheetmetal. Even a moderate tap with a rock can cave it in against your ring gear, causing potential damage to the gears, locker and carrier bearings, not to mention a difficult, messy trail fix. Even more common, though less catastrophic, is "peel back" that can occur when sliding over a rock causes the lip of the cover to peel up, allowing your gear oil to drain causing a hazard for both your Jeep and the environment. The Bombshell Diff Cover is your best insurance against each of these hazards.

  • Interior Grab Bar & Roll Bar Grab Handle The Poison Spyder Grab Handle easily mounts to any roll cage tube and provides a safe grab handle to either help you get into the vehicle or hold yourself in place while bouncing down the trail.

  • T-Shirts and Tank Tops Poison Spyder Customs T-Shirts and Tanks

  • Hats and Beanies Poison Spyder Customs Hats

  • Jeep Jackets and Sweatshirts Poison Spyder Customs Sweatshirts

  • Purses and Money Clips The Poison Spyder Trail Purse is perfect for the ladies who would like to leave their expensive, delicate, designer handbags at home and switch to something more rugged and trail-appropriate for those Jeep trips.  Originally designed by Cheri for her personal use, we've made these available to the public to satisfy a growing number of inquiries she gets about hers while out on the trail.  The Trail Purse is made in the USA from military spec 1000 denier black Cordura® fabric..The Trail Purse measures 8" X 8" X 3", but can be bulged out to accommodate larger items.  The main compartment securely closes using a high strength zipper.  There is also a conveniently accessible exterior mesh pocket for keeping frequently accessed items like cell phones, notebooks, etc.  And of course the Trail Purse is accented with hot pink embroidered Poison Spyder logos.  The Trail Purse is Made In the U.S.A.

  • Socks The perfect socks for wheeling!

  • Rock Sliders and Guards Poison Spyder Rocker Armor are the ultimate protection for your Jeep's vulnerable rocker panel area. As the trails get tougher and recreational off-roading gets more and more hardcore, vehicle body damage becomes more prevalent. And rocker panels are most vulnerable, taking hits from both underneath and the sides as you work your way through tight obstacles.

  • Skid Plates Poison Spyder protection is available for several vulnerable components of your Jeep's undercarriage. The Poison Spyder JK Evap Skid is one of our top selling items, offering easily installed, affordable bolt-on protection for the JK's vulnerable evaporative canister. Steering boxes on YJ and TJ Jeeps are subject to an intense beating when crawling through the big rocks, and the Poison Spyder Power Steering Box Skid protects them in 3/16" plate steel armor. TJ & LJ fuel tanks are made safer with our Fuel Tank Skid.

  • Body Corner Guard Poison Spyder Crusher Corners are built for the off-road enthusiast who likes to play in the big rocks. Crusher Corners are a key component in avoiding body damage to your Jeep.

  • Tube Fenders The Crusher Flare kit utilizes stainless countersunk hardware to secure to the Jeeps outer skin and a combination of two heavy duty internal brackets that are coupled to the sub-frame. The supporting sub-frame brackets give the Crusher Flare a solid platform and transfer impact load away from the outer sheet metal body.

  • Fender Liner Poison Spyder Customs Inner Fenders

  • Flasher When preparing your vehicle don't forget to upgrade your turn signal flasher. The factory flasher usually cannot handle the extra load of additional lights causing it to cycle too quickly.

  • Roll Cage Gusset Add strength as well as killer Poison Spyder looks to your cage with these Spyder Web design cage gussets.

  • Roll Cages & Roll Bars Poison Spyder Customs Roll Cages are built to take abuse and keep you safe while you are enjoying your Jeep. They are precision fit and will install into your Jeep perfect. Poison Spyder has two styles available Full Cage Kits which completely replace your factory cage or Trail Cages that build off of your factory cage.

  • CB Antennas & Mounts The Poison Spyder JK Antenna Mount provides a convenient, easily installed method for mounting a CB antenna on to the tailgate of Jeep JK's on which the stock spare tire carrier has been removed.

  • Door Poison Spyder Crawler Door Skins are designed to be welded to the Bestop half door frame after the fabric has been removed. The original door frame, latching mechanism, and mounts are used and remain in their stock position.

  • Keychains The perfect complement for any Poison Spyder equipped Jeep!

  • Brackets, Gussets & Tabs Choose from a large selection of weld on Bracket, Gussets and Tabs to help complete your custom build. Creating a custom build is the best way to ensure you have a ride that can really handle the challenges ahead. Whether you like spending time rushing down the highway, slogging through the mud or even climbing dunes and mountain trails, you’ll need to change out some key components to ensure your truck or Jeep is living up to its full potential when you’re on the move. However, that simply can’t be done without the little parts, such as weld on brackets, steel gussets and tabs. These parts are what hold the bigger, more important pieces in place, and make customizing your ride possible.

    Weld Ons
    The process of welding makes a solid, completely reliable connection between what began as two separate pieces. This melding together of pieces creates a much more secure hold than screwing the piece into place, so you can pursue the road ahead without worrying about the integrity of your ride. That’s why weld on gussets and weld on tabs and brackets are must-haves for anyone looking to add custom parts to their truck, Jeep, or other off-roading machine.

    Finding Your Parts
    Of course, there are dozens of different types of fabrication parts tabs, brackets and gussets located throughout your ride. You’ll need to select your parts based on how you’ll be using them to put your ride together. For example, a lower arm bracket is going to serve a much different purpose than a sway bar relocation bracket, but both are necessary to get your off-road machine running properly. Using the year, make and model drop-down bars on the product screen may help you narrow down the possibilities so you can make the perfect selection.

    More for Your Money
    At 4WheelParts.com, we know how difficult it can be to work within a strict budget while customizing your vehicle. Fortunately, we also try to make it easier by offering off-roaders like you a 100% low price guarantee on every part you buy. If you do find a lower price somewhere else within 90 days of your purchase, we’ll match it, and cut you a refund check for the difference.

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  • Safety & First Aid Poison Spyder Customs Fire Extinguisher Holder

  • Beverage Accessories Enjoy your favorite beverage on the trail, around the campfire or any time with this rugged, hard acrylic tumbler! Comes with a heavy duty screw-on lid, acrylic straw with keeper ring, and the Poison Spyder logo.

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