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  • Performance Distributors Parts & Accessories | 4 Wheels Parts

    Distributors This is a simple, drop in unit. The coil is inside the cap and the module is inside the distributor. Just run one 12-volt wire to the distributor and you're ready to run! There is also an optional tach hook-up. The D.U.I eliminates ALL of the messy wiring found on stock AMC electronic ignition systems. This really cleans up the engine compartment. Features: internal coil and module, simple one-wire hook-up, custom tailored advance curve, allows for wider plug gaps, instant throttle response, more voltage-no resistor, upper and lower bushings for durability (stock AMC only has 1 bushing), includes 50,000 volt coil and Dyna-module, and easy to find replacement parts.

  • Performance Distributors Parts & Accessories | 4 Wheels Parts

    Spark Plug Wire Sets Performance Distributors HEI LiveWires feature space age heat resistant sleeving which provides protection from exhaust heat, durable silicone jacket and insulation, swivel boots that are easy to work with, and a spiral wound core which prevents electronic interference. They are custom so fit-no assembly required, and are numbered on each end for correct cylinder placement. There is no guesswork with the wires and they are guaranteed to perform.

  • Performance Distributors Parts & Accessories | 4 Wheels Parts

    Ignition Kit These Ignition Kits will add power and economy to your vehicle. Choose from applications for stock to super charged engines.

  • Performance Distributors Parts & Accessories | 4 Wheels Parts

    Ignition Coils Enhance the performance of your computer controlled vehicle by replacing the stock coil with our high voltage Coil.ThePerformance Distributor's coils are designed to produce an exceptional spark throughout the entire RPM range with virtually no drop off in power. Stock coils are notorious for spark falling off as the RPM’s increase. The higher spark output of our coils has been dyno tested to provide more horsepower and torque over the stock coil.

  • Performance Distributors Parts & Accessories | 4 Wheels Parts

    Distributor Cap & Rotor Harness all of your engines power potential with a quality Distributer Cap and Rotor. Don’t lose power with dime store parts.

  • Performance Distributors Parts & Accessories | 4 Wheels Parts

    Ignition Wire Harness This Adapter Wiring Harness adapts the Screamin Demon Coil in the Performance Distributors Firepower Ignition Kit to your vehicle's factory wiring harness.

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