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ProComp Suspension builds suspension systems and componets for most any Truck, Jeep or SUV.

  • Leaf Spring Bushings & Pads These High Quality Spring Bushings are direct replacements for most factory and aftermarket leaf springs.

  • Shock Absorber Bushing Procomp's Polyurethane shock bushings are superior to stock shock bushings.Have some shocks that are still good but have blown out bushings? Look no further,Pro Comp's Polyurethane shock bushings are your solution.

  • Brake Hose Whether your are building a custom buggy or adding additional lift to your truck these Stainless Steel Brake Lines will help you get the job done Safely and Legally as all our lines are D.O.T. approved.,

  • Front Bumpers Pro Comp's Bumpers allow steep approach and departure angles and are available with optional d-ring mounting brackets for easy recovery.

  • Rear Bumpers The Rock Crawler Rear Bumpers from Explorer Pro Comp are constructed with 1/4 in. plate steel and designed for high departure and approach angles. Built for the Jeep owner who wants quality at a great value, the Pro Comp Jeep bumper is one of the best deals you can get today. Form and functionality are combined in these rugged Jeep bumpers to stand up to years of abuse on the trail.

  • Speedometer Calibrators Are you installing larger tires and wheels on your vehicle? If so ProComp has the solution to your speedometer calibration issues!

  • Complete Suspension Systems and Lift Kits Driven by genuine off-road enthusiasts, Pro Comp Suspension products reflect customer-driven, racing influenced technology and engineering with a focus on world-class manufacturing processes and techniques. When it comes to your vehicle's handling, look and performance, we know you don't make compromises and neither do we. From the middle of downtown to the middle of nowhere, Pro Comp will get you there!

  • Fog/Driving Light Wiring Kit Turn those aftermarket lights on, and off with ease. The Pro Comp switch kits come with all necessary hardware to make any install much easier.

  • Shock Absorber Extension Pro Comp Shock Extensions

  • Shock Absorbers Pro Comp ES1000, ES3000, ES4000, ES6000, ES9000, MX-6 Monotube Adjustable, MX-6 Reservoir, Pro Runner and Pro Runner SS

  • Shock Absorber Boot Shock Boots

  • Shock Absorber Reservoir Isolator Optional Reservoir Mounting Kit

  • Multi Shock Bracket Pro comp multiple shock conversion hoop

  • Shock Absorber Reservoir Mount Clamps Shock Absorber Reservoir Mount Clamps - Every component of your Jeep is designed to make the trail-life just a little bit smoother. From the u-joints, which serve to keep your axles from breaking, to the drag links, which help you navigate with ease, every component of your rig serves a crucial purpose. One of those components is the shock absorber. The shock absorber system of your rig is comprised of several smaller components, each of which you can find at 4WheelParts.com for less than anywhere else on the market.

    Durable Jeep Shock Absorber Accessories
    If you’re in the market for affordable yet durable shock absorber parts for your truck, Jeep or any other automobile, you’ve come to the right place. At 4 Wheel Parts, we sell everything from Jeep reservoir mount clamps to pistons from manufacturers that specialize in off-road parts and materials. Bilstein, Fabtech, Fox Racing Shox, Pro Comp Suspension and Synergy Manufacturing are just a few of the brand names we carry. If quality is what you’re looking for, our collection has it.

    Without Shock Absorbers, Control is Compromised
    So, what do shock absorbers do, exactly? Well, they do two things: 1) they keep the rubber on the ground at all times and 2) they control the movement of your springs and suspension. The last thing you want when cruising the trails is for your tires to leave the terrain and to send you flying, with not control, off course. Your shock absorber system gives you the ability to drive, steer and brake without a problem, and to enjoy your time on the road rather than fear for your life when you’re behind the wheel.

    Whether you’re in the market for reliable shock absorber reservoir mount clamps or several truck shock absorber parts, chances are we have what you’re looking for at 4WheelParts.com. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we’ll order it for you! If you find a cheaper part elsewhere, let us know and we’ll be happy to match that low price, guaranteed.

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  • Shock Absorber Mount Pro Comp shock conversions allow the use of a larger variety of shock lengths.

  • Leaf Spring Pro Comp's Progressive Multi-leaf spring packs increases GVW and load carrying capacity without sacrificing ride quality. .

  • Bump Stops Bump Stops

  • Axle U-Bolt Kit Pro Comp U-Bolt Kit

  • Track Bar Pro Comp Track Bars reduce bump steer and keep the vehicle tracking dow the road straight. Assure accurate location of the axle and pinion angle.

  • Leaf Spring Axle Shim Driveline Alignment Shim Kit

  • Sway Bar Link - Non Disconnect Pro Comp's Sway Bar Link Kit is for serious off roaders who Are you looking for a little more articulation from their suspension. Using a Quick Disconnect you can easily disconnect your sway bar to gain extra travel off-road and reconnect for better handling on the road.

  • Control Arms Pro Comps Adjustable Upper Control Arms are available to fine tune front caster angles. Adjustable Rear Arms allow rear pinion angle tuning for use with or without a CV rear driveshaft and transfer case tail shaft kit. Boxed Lower Control Arms increase weld area around the bushing eyelet for improved strength. Specific front and rear arms that can be mounted traditionally with the bend down or upside down for improved break-over angles. Front arms are formed to eliminate tire scrub.

  • Add A Leaf Pro Comp's Add-a-Leaf kits are the perfect solution when 1.5in. to 2.5in. Of raised height is required. Pro Comp's Rear Add-a-Leafs can be used in conjunction with lift blocks in order to strengthen the integrity of an existing leaf pack.

  • Coil Springs Pro Comp Coil Springs

  • Transfer Case Lowering Kit Pro Comp Transfer Case Lowering Kits are designed to lessen the rear drive shaft angle by lowering the transfer case. This is done when your lift results in a driveline vibration.

  • Track Bar Bracket Pro Comp's Track Bar Brackets lower the track Bar to help restore draglink angles, eliminate bump steer, and preserve the factory steering and suspension operating angles.

  • Suspension Block and U-Bolt Kit Whether you haul heavy loads or just want a little added rake to your truck's stance, Pro Comp has heavy-duty bolt & U-bolt systems to fit your needs. Each system features heavy-duty OE style blocks and U-bolts for easy installation and lasting performance. Pro Comp blocks also come standard with a durable black powder coating.

  • Leaf Spring Hanger These Spring Hanger Kits allow the use of your factory springs and give you the additional height you want.

  • Suspension Block Rear Block

  • Alignment Caster/Camber Kit Alignment Eccentrics And Cams

  • Traction Bar Prevents axle wrap, and excessive wheel hop

  • Leaf Spring Center Pin Leaf Spring Centering Pin

  • Limiting Strap Limit Straps

  • Traction Bar Bracket Traction Bar Mounting Kit

  • Leaf Spring Alignment Clamp Pro Comp recommends using new spring clips and centering pins whenever modifying or changing leaf spring packs. Sold in Pairs.

  • Shackle Reversal Kits Pro Comp Shackle Reversal Kits

  • Radius Arm Bracket Pro Comp Suspension Radius Arm Bracket

  • Axle Truss Bolt-On Pro Comps 4 Link Conversion for short arm and Long Arm lift systems is a fabricated rear axle truss complete with specially designed upper arms to create ideal four-link geometry. This is a bolt on unit that eliminates the factory track bar and allows for maximum articulation.

  • Transmission Drop Bracket When trying to correct driveline angles on some trucks you may need to lower the transmission, these Drop Brackets are designed to make this operation a simple chore.

  • Axle U-Bolt Pro Comp U-Bolt

  • Control Arm Bushing Replacement bushings for your Pro Comp control arms

  • Long Arm Upgrade Long Arm upgrade for your existing suspension

  • Suspension Upgrade Kits Pro Comp Suspension Upgrade

  • Transmission Crossmember Procomp's Transmission Crossmember for lifted Vehicles is a one piece, rock proof, crossmember constructed of 3/16 inch, laser cut steel. Black powdercoated finish.

  • Tow Strap Pull your vehicle out of a tight spot with a Pro Comp tow strap.

  • Suspension Leveling Kits These Level Lift Systems from ProComp are designed to lift the front of your truck to eliminate the rake from the factory and allow for oversize tires.

  • Pitman Arm Pro Comp pitman arms are designed to correct excessive steering angles caused by suspension lifts. this simple arm drops the drag link attachment point down reducing angle.

  • Steering Gear Box Braces Pro Comp's Steering Box Support braces your Jeep's s Steering box. A must have for the off-road Jeep enthusiast. Easy installation, complete with instructions.

  • Steering Upgrades and Drag Links A link for transmitting rotary motion between cranks on two parallel but slightly offset shafts, such as the rod connecting the lever of the steering gear to the steering arm in an automobile.

  • Steering Arm These Lifted steering arms are a top choice for correcting the steering geometry of lifted trucks.

  • Steering Knuckle Pro Comp Steering Knuckles

  • Tie Rod Reinforcing Sleeve Adding larger wheels and tires can place additional stress on your tie rods causing them to bend or even break. These Tie Rod Reinforcing Sleeves beef up your OEM tie rod tubes preventing damage or failure.

  • Offroad Racing, Fog & Driving Lights When you need the maximum amount of lighting performance possible, turn to the Pro Comp LED Lights. These high performance LED Light Bars produce an amazing amount of illumination in a sleek low profile design. Each unit houses precision optics to project the maximum amount of light on your path. Easy to adjust mounts make precise setting of the light angle a snap. Managing the heat produced by the light are the integrated heat-sinks for years of long lasting consistent performance. Each unit is completely water and dust proof so you never have to worry about the elements affecting their performance. Lights are available in a variety of lengths and configurations so you are guaranteed to find the right size for your application needs. Explorer LED lights include IP68 rated wiring harnesses with plug-n-play connectors, relays, fuses, and illuminated switches.

  • Skid Plates Stainless skid plate kits provide optimum undercarriage protection for your vehicle without adding unnecessary weight. Formed from heavy gauge material, these skid plates add the finishing touch to any suspension system.

  • Steering Stabilizer Pro Comp Steering Stabilizer will allow you to upgrade your off-road rig's steering with a Pro Comp steering stabilizer cylinder. Choose from dual or single stabilizer mounting and have your rig handling better on the road and off. Stabilizer Cylinder sold separately.

  • Steering Stabilizer Bracket Pro Comp Steering Stabilizer Brackets

  • Transfer Case Slip Yoke Eliminator Kits and Hardware Pro Comp's Short Shaft/Slip Yoke Eliminator kit Shortens the Transfer Case allowing you to run a 4 inch longer CV style drive shaft. Combined with a CV style drive shaft it helps eliminate driveline vibration and the friction of the factory slip yoke design.

  • Heim Joint Rebuild Kits Pro Comp's Heim Joint Rebuild Kit rebuilds one Control Arm spherical ball joint per kit. Special tool included.

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