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  • Computer Programmers This powerful, yet affordable tool, allows you to change the vehicle’s factory computer settings to suit your needs.

  • Exhaust Headers When adapting an engine from another manufacturer such as Ford, Chevy or Buick into your Jeep routing your exhaust can often be a problem. Not with Advanced Adapters! The company that manufactures all the adapters to make swapping your engine a breeze also manufactures headers to make routing the exhaust of your new powerplant easy. Featuring 3/8" flanges and 16 gauge tubing these headers are stout enough to handle just about anything. So simplify your swap by choosing Advanced Adapters.

  • Transfer Case Assembly Advance Adapters has built upon the proven design of the Atlas 2, to create the revolutionary Atlas 4sp. No other transfer case on the market today has 3 separate low range ratios built into a single unit. This transfer case was designed for the off road enthusiast that likes to tackle a large variety of terrain with one vehicle. Selecting one low range ratio that works well for mud, sand and rock crawling, is a compromise but the Atlas 4sp overcomes this limitation. One transfer case that is perfectly suited to any terrain that you may want to conquer.

  • Transfer Case Output Shaft While trying to increase the strength and reliability of your vehicle don't forget to look at your output shaft. Advance Adapter has larger spline count shafts as well as extreme duty aircraft material.

  • Flexplate Looking to swap out you stock Jeep transmission for a GM automatic? If so look no further than Advanced Adapters. These flex plates are manufactured to bolt up to GM torque converters while still being able to mate to your stock Jeep engine. Make your job easier with the right products from Advanced Adapters.

  • Auto Trans Oil Dip Stick You can have unlimited flexibility with our Teflon lined Flexible Braided Stainless Transmission Dipstick.

  • Steering Conversion Kits Whether you are looking to convert to power steering or remove it for racing we have the kits you are looking for.

  • Windshield Hinge The CJ5 & CJ6 vehicles always had a problem with the stock windshield. They had a tendency of loosening up and allowing the windshield to fall forward. This hinge will prevent that from happening.

  • Engine Adapters Advanced Adapters has these line up of specialized adapters to adapt common engines like a Chevy V8 to many popular transmissions to aide in the engine conversion process.

  • Transfer Case Re-Indexing Ring Improve front driveline angles by clocking the transfer case lower. Advance Adapter Clocking Rings will take the challenge out of this task with all the machine work done.

  • Transmission Adapters When converting to an automatic or manual transmission Advanced Adapters these specialty products to aide in all your conversion needs.

  • Transmission Mount TThese transmission mounts from Advance Adapters make mounting your transmission simpler with their simple design

  • Crawl Boxes This trick unit simply slips in-between you transmission and transfer case in place of the factory adapter and allows for an additional low range gear that can be compounded with your factory low range giving you as much as a 4:1 low gear for slow speed wheeling.

  • Transfer Case Low Gearset These gear sets will allow you to change the low gear range of your transfer case to a steeper ratio. Changing this ratio will allow you to have a greater crawl ratio allowing use of larger tires with out regearing your axles.

  • Transfer Case Slip Yoke Eliminator Kits and Hardware Eliminating the slip yoke from your transfer case will allow for a longer drive shaft which will lessen the angle on the U-Joints as well as allow more space and a more stable mounting for a CV driveshaft conversion.

  • Differential Pinion Yoke Pinion Yokes

  • Transfer Case Yoke Advance Adapters Transfer Case Yokes

  • Driveshaft Flange Yoke At Advance Adapters Inc., we design, engineer , and manufacture unsurpassed Powertrain and 4-Wheel-Drive after market products. Our award-winning history of innovation and expertise ensures we provide quality craftsmanship as we serve our customers with knowledge and integrity.

  • Radiator Advanced Adapters radiators are designed to solve many different cooling issues from engine conversions to simple large capacity replacement radiators Advanced has you covered

  • Radiator Accessories Don’t know where to mount your coolant sensor when doing a engine conversion? This trick piece installs inline in a radiator hose and provides a simple mounting for your sensor.

  • Motor Mount These specialty engine mounts from Advanced Adapters will assist you in transplanting a different type of engine in your vehicle will little effort and headache.

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