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Jeep Parts Home » Shop by Brand » Currie

Currie RockJock Professional Off-Road Suspension Products

Jeeping has been the long-time love of the entire Currie family. From road trips to Alaska to camping in the Southwestern desert to off-road racing and rock crawling competitions, the Currie family has been there. In their many jeeping adventures, the Curries have pushed the limits of their vehicles. In doing so, they have realized the shortcomings of the factory equipment and many aftermarket products. So Currie has made it their goal to design and build the best-performing, strongest, and most durable products available. The name Currie is synonymous with professional rock crawling.

  • Currie Johnny Joint Suspension Systems

    Johnny Joint Off-Road Suspension Systems provide you with the highest end aftermarket suspension components available for your Jeep. Johnny Joint Suspensions replace all eight control arms with Johnny Joint equipped arms for the articulation qualities of a Heim Joint and the insulating qualities of a bushing. Johnny Joints are fully adjustable and rebuildable, making them the premier choice for serious off-roaders. Combine them with Currie coil springs, trac bars, AntiRock sway bars and components for the highest quality lift kit.

  • Currie Suspension Leveling Systems

    Currie RockJock long travel leveling kit allows you to raise your Jeep so that it is even with the back, while at the same time increasing the suspension travel. These leveling kits will allow clearance for up to a 33" tire on most applications and will not affect ride quality.

  • Currie Shackle Systems

    Replace your stock shackles with Currie heavy duty shackles, which feature 1/4" thick steel side plates, Energy Suspension's "Tough 88" fluted urethane bushings, and heavy-duty greasable bolts with zerk fittings on their heads for greasing the bushings. Finished in corrosion-proof gold zinc, these shackles also have bolt-in center braces for added rigidity and better on road handling. Sold in pairs.

  • Suspension Track Bar

    The Currie suspension trac bar replaces the OEM weak failure prone track bar. The Johnny Joint® Trac Arm is designed to center the axle assembly under the vehicle after a lift kit is installed and/or the springs have settled. It is adjustable in length, made from 1 1/4" heavy wall D.O.M. tubing. It uses a 2 1/2" Johnny Joint® at the frame end and features a heavy-duty bushing at the housing end. Comes complete with zerk fitted grade 8 hardware and instructions.

  • Currie Trac Bar Bracket

    Currie Trac Bar Brackets relocate and retain the OEM front or rear Trac Bar to keep your axle centered and your Jeep going straight down the road. Currie Trac Bar Relocation kits include the inner and outer trac bar brackets and all necessary hardware. Minor welding is required.

  • Currie Johnny Joint Arms

    All Currie Johnny Joint® arms are fully adjustable, allowing the pinion angle and caster angle to be customized. This adjustable feature allows your vehicle to be upgraded to different lift amounts without having to replace the control arms in the future. The lower arms are made of 1 1/4" heavy wall D.O.M. tubing, and the upper arms of 1" heavy wall D.O.M tubing. All arms are powder coated gold and come with zerk fitted grade 8 mounting bolts. To allow complete unrestricted movement, the Johnny Joint® is used at both ends of all 4 of the rear arms, both ends of the front lowers, and on one end of the front upper arms. Also see our CE-9102K Johnny Joint® housing kit for installing Johnny Joints® on the front end housing.

  • Currie Coil Springs

    These special heavy-duty Currie coil springs replace factory springs and are designed to work with Johnny Joint® suspension systems, providing a 4" suspension lift with an increased spring rate for heavier load applications. Extensive research was done by Currie to develop the perfect combination of rates and quality of the coil springs. The results: providing the best in comfortable ride and excellent performance on the rocks.

  • Currie Johnnie Joint Rod Ends

    Currie Johnny Joint® rod ends offer 30 degrees of unrestricted movement in any direction, as compared to 22 degrees on a common heim joint. They're made with a high density polyurethane bushing that encases a spherical ball and includes a zerk for easy lubrication.

  • Currie Rod End Jam Nuts

    Currie jam nuts are designed to work with Currie Johnny Joints and tie rod ends. Available in left or right hand threads and in various sizes and finishes.

  • Currie Body Lift Kits

    The Currie body lift allows for additional tire clearance without exceeding practical suspension lift heights. The Currie billet aluminum body lift pucks are concaved on the bottom side to allow the retention of the stock rubber body mounting pucks. This keeps the body isolated from the frame, just like stock, so that no more noise or vibration will be transferred to the cab of the vehicle than would be in a stock Jeep. The aluminum pucks are powder coated black for durability and all of the necessary, new longer grade 8 body bolts are included in this kit.

  • Currie U-Bolts

    These Currie spring plates are built to withstand the most rugged off road abuse. They have a built-on skid plate to protect u-bolts. The top plate is 5/16" steel and the bottom (skid plate) is stamped out of 1/4" steel. These heavy-duty universal spring plates come with bolt-on, replaceable shock mounts.

  • Currie U-Bolts

    Currie universal fit u-bolts are grade 8 steel, 1/2" diameter, size 20 fine thread, and include nuts and case hardened washers. Sold as individual units. To ensure proper fit, make sure to check your axle tube's diameter prior to ordering.

  • Currie Leaf Spring Bushings

    Currie polyurethane leaf spring bushings replace worn and damaged stock rubber bushings to improve handling characteristics, reduce vibration, and dampen sound. The bolts are equipped with a zerk for greasing and the bushing is fluted for retaining the grease, ensuring smooth operation and a longer life.

  • Currie Bump stops

    Currie bump stops are the only ones on the market that incorporate coil spring retainers. The bump stops extend the suspension stop impact point for proper contact in a 4" lift application. They are made with quality polyurethane components and aluminum spacers. The bump stops mount inside the coil springs and have 'poly' spacers top and bottom. Available in front or rear kits.

  • Currie Dropped Pitman Arm

    A heavy-duty Currie dropped pitman arm corrects steering geometry after installing a suspension lift on your Jeep.

  • Currie Shock Relocation Brackets

    Currie front and rear shock relocation bracket kits ensure proper shock location and clearance from other suspension components after lifting your Jeep. Currie shock relocation kits include all necessary grade 8 hardware and instructions.

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