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Bak Tonneau Covers

Bak Tonneau Covers

Bak offers tonneau covers for those who want more security and accessibility for their truck beds. Bak has designed multiple innovative solutions including hard tonneau covers, folding tonneau covers, and retractable tonneau covers. The lightweight panels will support up to 200lbs of evenly distributed weight, and can be easily removed and stored if required.

BAK Tonneau Covers

  • BAK - TiltBak Hard Tonneau Covers

    TiltBak hard tonneau covers offer more security and weather resistance than soft tonneau covers. The built-in hinges allow you to easily tilt the cover and gain full access to your truck bed. When you’re all finished, just lock the cover to keep your stored items extra safe. All TiltBak hard tonneau covers are made with ding resistant TPO material, a waterproof core, and an integrated drainage system, making them incredibly resistant to the harsh effects of the weather. Plus, these covers only weigh 45 pounds, can withstand over 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and can be installed or removed in minutes!

  • BAK - BakFlip Folding Tonneau Covers

    BakFlip folding tonneau covers simultaneously provide complete protection and easy access to your truck bed. Not only are folding tonneau covers completely waterproof, making it virtually impossible for rain or snow to penetrate them, but they can also withstand up to 200 pounds of evenly distributed weight. This means never worrying again about your cover being able to withstand a heavy snowload! When you’re ready to open it, the BakFlip folding tonneau cover easily folds up in quarter segments in one direction to rest against your rear window, protecting it from any cargo damage and also granting you full access to your truck bed. Plus, it’s easy on – easy off construction means the cover can be completely removed in mere minutes. BakFlip folding tonneau covers work with tie downs, bedcaps, bedliners, bedrails, lumber/ladder racks, and bed extenders.

  • BAK - RollBak Retractable Tonneau Covers

    RollBak retractable tonneau covers offer three fundamental benefits: security, style, and function. The fully concealed tamper-proof locks ensure that cargo will remain safe in your truck bed. Covers are designed to be completely weather resistant, keeping your cargo safe from rain/snow damage. With their low profile, aerodynamic design, RollBak retractable tonneau covers will keep your truck looking sleek and stylish. Plus, the cover retracts smoothly with intermittent locking positions every 12 inches, letting you decide exactly how much access you need to your truck bed. All RollBak retractable tonneau covers allow full access to stake pocket holes.

    Bak Bed Cover Accessories

    Truck Bed Cover | Tailgate Cap Protector | Truck Bed Front Protector | Truck Bed Side Rail Protector | Tie Down Holder | Bike Carrier | Canoe Carrier | Ski/Snowboard Carrier | Truck Bed Rack | Bak Truck Bed Cover/Sliding Rack System

    Bak Bumpers and Side Steps

    Running Board | Running Board Mount Kit | Running Board Wiring Kit | Bak Bed Step

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